Review: Lies that Chelsea Handler Told Me, Chelsea’s Family, Friends & Other Victims

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Chelsea Handler: brash, confronting, superb atomic wedgie giver. If you\’re a fan of the Chelsea Lately starlet then this probably isn\’t news to you.  You\’ll also know that she makes for a rollicking good read. Handler\’s newest offering is Lies that Chelsea Handler Told Me written by her close friends and family. It charts the misery her practical jokes, conniving schemes, and psychological and physical abuse have caused amongst her loved ones for years. It does so with hilarious results.

If you have read any of Chelsea\’s three previous books then you\’ll probably recognise some of the characters who have opted to leave their pride at the door when they agreed to immortalise their misfortune at the hands of Miss Handler in print. Her producer Johnny Kansas, her brother Roy Handler, and an array of other familiars contribute. Some are better writers then others, some have funnier stories then others, but they all seem to have endured years of suffering under Handler\’s misguided attempts to show affection through torture.

This book will make you cringe, wince, and ultimately laugh out loud.  It will also make you very thankful that your sister/best friend/boss has never been anywhere near as horrible as to trick you into smuggling fake narcotics inside your lady-bits on an international flight to teach you a lesson, and give herself a few lols on the side of course.

Available now: Hachette RRP$35.00


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