Chambord Shine Award Finalists 2011

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Who Will Shine?  Yep, It is now that time of year again! The exciting wait for Chambord Shine Awards begins with finalists Tali Roth, Saint Augustine Academy, Elliot Ward- Fear, Tato & Memi and An Ode to No One announced last week.


The shine awards, sponsored by Chambord (that awesome raspberry liquor in all girly cocktails minus a cosmo), acts like a launching platform for Australian designers over the age of 18 who already have their own label and are looking to expand their business with an exciting partnership opportunity. This year, Chambord have proudly partnered with one of Australia\’s most established, affordable luxury design houses, Seduce.

The winner will be given the opportunity for their winning design to be produced and retailed to a wider consumer audience in Seduce stores across the country. So if its not enough that every High School graduate will be trying on their dress for their formal, the winning designer will also create window displays, which will appear in Seduce stores nationally to showcase their design throughout the month of September. The five finalist designers are unique, passionate and eclectic in their visions and execution.

We thought we’d give you a quick overview of the finalists:

Tali Roth – Tali Roth\’s philosophy hangs on a tag off every one of her creations. “A dress is like a four leaf clover. Sought by many, found by few and kept to treasure&” The Tali Roth girl enjoys fun, bold and flirtatious designs. She is fashion forward, likes to take risks and doesn\’t always adhere to being on trend.

Saint Augustine Academy – Saint Augustine Academy injects intelligence and art into clothing design. Directional tailoring and androgynous styles, Saint Augustine Academy designer Alvin Manalo designs each season with a musical muse in mind -from 60s girl groups to modern day rock icons, this label is utterly stage-worthy.

Elliot Ward-Fear –Excite people! Always aiming for avant-garde, Eliot wants to design apparel that incorporates elements of artistic practice, fierce creativity and wear ability that can be marketed and sold to a fashion-aware and appreciative consumer.

Tato & Memi – Fun, stylish and feminine, the visionary pair, Tato & Memi have developed their passion for bold prints and intricate trims. The label is constantly moving into new seasons whilst maintaining their signature style of painterly prints, beautifully detailed silk dresses, draped wool jerseys & uniquely adorned evening dresses.

An Ode to No One – Designed for the woman who is confident, intelligent, and strong, whilst remaining well presented, feminine and beautiful. The An Ode to No One woman embraces individuality whilst maintaining a subtle awareness of trends. She values quality and craftsmanship and seeks out exceptional tailoring and immaculate finishes in her clothing.

The Five talented finalists will be awarded with $1000 and given five weeks to create two cocktail dresses inspired by the quintessential Chambord woman who shops at Seduce. Designers in the past have drawn inspiration from the liquors colour, flavours and bottle shape to create their innovative designs.

We will get to see these creations tomorrow at the Chambord Shine Awards luncheon, Sassi HQ’s can\’t wait to see what the designers come up with, so stay tuned to find out more!

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