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Sophia Phan & Michelle Reed

FIT me! is the latest range from Maybelline NY which does exactly just that. Though it won’t fit you like the way your favourite jeans might, or maybe it will, thanks to the exclusive translucent primer base and micro-fine pigment blends, FIT me! is a dream to apply and doesn’t leave you feeling or looking like a cake. Instead, you will feel as if you have slipped a hypothetical glove onto your face, as well as being protected from the sun (thanks to its SPF content). The Fit Finder tool is a hit in itself, allowing you to find your shade across the entire range with the ingenious corresponding numbers. The FIT me! makeup range includes the liquid foundation, powder, concealer, bronzer and blush.

Erin Wasson for Maybelline NY Fit me!

Michelle and I thought we would do something a little different and each review the products for added consumer benefit! Fun and simple go-go girl versus natural look elitist.

Sophia: The FIT me! Liquid Foundation is a hit for me. Though a little more runny than I would have liked, it fits like I glove (apologies for the continual glove comparisons, I don’t know what other piece of apparel to refer to). It is very easy to apply and blend into the skin, an almost sheer-like appearance, making it a great everyday foundation. The skin is able to breathe and stay protected from the sun with SPF 18. The colour is great at first but can settle into an almost yellow-orange tinge after a few minutes so it would be best to wait a bit before purchasing to allow the true colour to appear.

Michelle: Stocking? Sock? Wonder bra? Just thinking of more hypotheticals…back to the point. For a foundation under $20 I have to say it ain\’t too shabby! Like you said Sophia it blends in really nicely and has a great sheer-like appearance that\’s appropriate for a natural day time look. But for those of you who prefer a more finished look to cover those blemishes (real or imaginary),  you\’re better off finding something a little heavier.

Sophia: The FIT me! Concealer has its hits and misses. Like it’s older sister, Liquid Foundation, its light texture makes application and blending very easy. It is perfect for mild dark circles and light pigmentation as its soft matte finish looks almost like your skin, creating the illusion that you’re not wearing any at all! However, the amount of coverage it allows is not vast. As it is quite sheer, it will not be able to mask a great deal of imperfections. It’s a great touch-up but its usefulness is minimal.

Michelle: Could not agree more.  Concealers need to be thicker than this to serve their purpose. Additionally I\’m a bit of a hater/germ-a-phobe/pedantic crazy person when it comes to sponge applicators.

Sophia: The FIT me! Powder, with its soft velvety texture and barely there finish, gets a big tick in my book. Its sheerness and ability to match your natural tone leaves you with a subtle, healthy glow. It is easy to apply with the accompanying sponge applicator, making it a reliable product that you could just fit into your handbag for touch-ups throughout the day.

Michelle: Haha nice pun. This powder probably gets picked last in sports ‘cause I\’m giving it straight A’s. Subtle, light, compact and a neutral colour to suit various skin tones. See I even got over the sponge thing. (Kind of..).

The Maybelline NY FIT me! range is available now at supermarkets, pharmacies, variety and independent stores.

Michelle and Sophia
Your beauty glove enthusiasts

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