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There are two lovely new books sitting on my desk. I don\’t think that they\’re going anywhere soon which means my backlog seems to be going the same way. Like I give a Frock and What on Earth are you Wearing? are the two titles in the fun, fashionable, and irrefutably girly Michi style guide series currently gaining a serious cult following.

Michi is the imaginary best friend of Chloe Quigley and Daniel Pollock and is the self described ‘shopping queen, weather -watcher, and quite possibly the best advice giver you\’ve ever met\’ heroine of these books. She\’ll quickly become the heroine of your wardrobe too.

In Like I Give a Frock Michi answers all of life\’s important fashion questions such as navigating lycra in non-cycling situations (please don\’t) and how to bedazzle your denim (seriously why are you even on this website?). While in What on Earth are you Wearing? she gives us the low-down on what exactly all the jargon that spews forth from industry mouths means (do they even really know what they\’re saying?).  Did you know that desert boots are actually different from those sugar sweet dessert boots, and that the word debt can actually be roughly translated into a phrase akin to ‘good wardrobe\’?

Michi Did. She also needs to inform us that 89% of non-French people would rather wake up with a spider on their heads then a beret. I\’m not sure where Michi gets her facts but her advice is definitely worth considering.

Style guides with a twist, both Like I Give a Frock and What on Earth are you Wearing? are delicious personal indulgences or smart presents for the fashion savvy. Written with wit and some serious insight these books are beautifully illustrated by Kat Macleod in an I\’ve-got-copy-deadlines-more-frightening-then-the-Grim-Reaper-but-I\’ll-just-have-another-peek kind of way.

Available now: Penguin RRP$29.95 ea


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