Alyson Hannigan, new Brand Ambassador for Head & Shoulders Hair Care

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Alyson Hannigan, star of CBS\’ How I Met Your Mother and American Pie is the new Brand Ambassador for Head and Shoulders just announced by P&G.

Why Alyson? Head and Shoulders say its because strip away the camera\’s and red carpets and she\’s just like any average woman trying to juggle a hectic work schedule and a young family. What do we say? Because she is just uber cool and her hair looks (and probably smells) amazing.

 “We\’re excited to share that same relatable lifestyle along with her trademark humor, quirky personality and of course, her beautiful hair, with our female consumers.” – April Anslinger, Brand Manager of Head & Shoulders® at Procter & Gamble.

Alyson is a firm believer in the product, saying she\’s relied on Head and Shoulders for years to help her hair and scalp through some heavy styling sessions. And what do we here at Sassi think of the most iconic hair and scalp care shampoo on the planet? Great stuff! But I here\’s a tip my hairdresser shared with me a little while ago; brush your scalp firmly before you wash your hair to lift dead skin cells. Works like a charm. Promise!

And thanks to the new partnership Alyson is teaming up with consumers to create The Good Girlfriend Guide! An e-manual of positive girlfriend-to-girlfriend advice that tackles everything from beauty faux pas to relationship blunders.  You can visit the Head & Shoulders for Women Facebook Fan page for more info.

Listen to what Alyson has to say:

To learn more, visit the Head & Shoulders for Women Facebook Fan page.

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