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I was recently asked to trial the Skin Doctors range of Daily Essentials skin care products. Skin Doctors\’ main point of difference is that they are cosmeceuticals company. In their own words this means “cosmetic products that include ingredients designed not only to enhance the appearance but to also have a positive physiological effect at the cellular level.”

Skin Doctors claims to “bridge the gap” between ordinary skincare and cosmetic surgery via their range of non-invasive products. And I must admit, the older I get the more appealing any alternate to cosmetic surgery becomes, so I was going into this trial with high hopes.

Of all the Skin Doctors products I tried none of them had any kind of strong scent. I actually found this quite strange at first, but quickly got used to. The Accelerating Cleanser is a great consistency, just a a few drops of water and it foams up nicely and when applied to the skin it feels satin smooth. The really notable thing about this cleanser is that it really cleans the skin. Sounds obvious I know, but what I mean is that it fully removes all the makeup from your skin in one go, even the treacherous eye liner/mascara combo. I\’ve found with most other cleansers that you either need to apply twice or use in conjunction  with a really good eye makeup remover and even then, you can sometimes still see the residue. But not with Skin Doctors, so big kudos for that.

The Skinactive14â„¢ Day and Skinactive14â„¢ Night creams also surprised me because they are both so light. At first I felt the need to apply twice the amount I usually would, but I soon worked out that this wasn\’t necessary at all and a small amount was more than suffice to provide your skin with the daily moisture it needs. And what\’s great about a light moisturiser is that you can still apply your makeup over the top and it doesn\’t feel too heavy or gluggy.

I also tried the Eyetuckâ„¢ product which is designed specifically to reduce the appearance of under eye bags – one of my pet problems. Whilst the cream has a great texture and is gorgeously light and soft on the skin, I haven\’t unfortunately seen a real reduction to my eye puffiness.

So after using the Skin Doctors range for the last few weeks, I can\’t say that I\’m all of a sudden being asked for my ID again, but I can say that my skin looks clean and healthy and if someone asked me if I\’d make a Skin Doctors purchase out of my own pocket, I\’d definitely say yes.

And in case you missed it, check out our interview with the lovely Laura Dundovic, brand ambassador for Skin Doctors.

For more information, you can visit the Skin Doctors website:


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