Film Review: Bad Teacher

| 19 July , 2011 | Reply

Directed by: Jake Kasdan
Staring: Cameron Diaz, Jason Segel, Justin Timberlake
Rating: 3/5

When her sugar daddy kicks her to the curb just before their wedding disgruntled junior high teacher Elizabeth Halsey\’s (Cameron Diaz) dreams of living the high life and never teaching again go the same way as her allowance. Stuck back in the classroom at JAMS college the alcoholic, pot addicted teacher invests less time in her class then she does winning over rich math teacher Scott (Timberlake) and scheming money for a new set of implants – the only feasible ways to get out of middle school hell. But someone\’s got to learn something long the way, right?

Bad Teacher is a funny film. Unfortunately it had the ability to be a really funny film if it wasn\’t so underdone. It has hilarious moments but falls completely flat in others. This film has brought up a lot of comparisons to Bad Santa and while it\’s not as good as Billy Bob\’s caustic Willie it is still good, especially for a teenage audience.

Cameron Diaz is well cast as the shallow, dishevelled teacher. She proves once again she has great comic timing and the charisma to pull this film together. Timberlake provides a lot of solid laughs but don\’t expect much deeper from his just- for-laughs character.  Jason Segel is the one anchor with reality in this film and his easy presence is a reminder of exactly why you like him. Lucy Punch is indefatigable as the overachieving and slightly mental rival for Scott\’s heart and the near $6000 prize for top scoring students in the upcoming national test.

Bad Teacher has some substantial problems which in the end result in it feeling like it only got about 75% of the way there. It\’s a bit disappointing because lets face it – this could have been an exceptionally good film. Nevertheless as momentum picked up Bad Teacher had the entire cinema laughing out loud. If slightly crude comedies are your thing then this is absolutely worth seeing at the movies. Overall Bad Teacher is an enjoyable film with some great sketches, some good performances and a lot of bite.

Bad Teacher is released internationally this Thursday July 21 and is classified M


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