Interview: How Laura Dundovic Stays Healthy Inside & Out

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Meet Laura Dundovic. A Miss Australia titleholder, a Miss Universe contestant, the host of Dating in the Dark Australia and the face of fashion labels Charlie Brown and Steve Madden. Oh and did I mention she\’s also studied psychology? And she\’s only 24.

Among this busy schedule, another one of Laura\’s latest projects sees her front the Australian skin care range; Skin Doctors. I recently caught up with Laura to talk what it means to be beautiful, her favourite skin care products and with her busy schedule, just how does she manage to stay looking so good.

Emily: Working in the industry you do, you must be constantly surrounded by beautiful people. What do you think makes somebody beautiful?

Laura: I\’ve been in beauty pageants so you know, I do see the physical beauty but I think the other side to it is definitely what comes through from the inside and I think charisma is very, very important. And I think that\’s why you can see someone from afar and think they\’re attractive but when you get to know them they\’re not so great and someone else might be wonderful the more you get to know them and then the more beautiful they become. And the one way I can always tell a beautiful person is through their eyes. I think the eyes never lie. You can always tell a nice person through their eyes.

Emily: Are you one of those girls who likes to ‘put on their face\’ even at home or do you go natural?

Laura: Oh no, I\’m a no makeup girl at home. I don\’t wear makeup to the gym, I don\’t wear makeup to the beach, I don\’t wear it to the shops. It\’s much more of a work thing for me so I like to give my skin a chance to breathe. I feel a little bit claustrophobic when I have it on all the time.

Emily: You\’re obviously in really great shape. How do you take care of yourself?

Laura: I get a lot of sleep, I had chronic fatigue for a few years so sleep is really important for me. I try and make sure I get to the gym or do some sort of activity three times a week and as well as that I\’ve never slept a night with make up on, so I really do take care of my skin. I drink a lot of water and just eat really healthy. I\’m really lucky that my mum was a bit of a fitness freak growing up, so for me, eating healthy is just natural. I don\’t eat very much processed food and I\’ve kind of always just been like that.

Emily: I\’ve heard you\’re doing the City2Surf this year?

Laura:I am. I was actually training to do it last year and I fractured my ankle and this year I dislocated my toe. I was up to about 9km (in training) but I\’ve had about two weeks off now so I\’m hoping that it heals pretty soon, but fingers crossed. I\’m all set to do it, I\’ve even started to get my outfit together for it, which is a really girly thing to do. I love running, I ran all through school and I really, really enjoy it and have missed it over the last few weeks.

Emily:With your City2Surf entry you\’re raising funds for the Make a Wish Australia foundation. Why did you choose this charity?

Laura:I think it\’s a beautiful charity and I always try and work with them because children are our future and I love helping them. And I think it\’s such a beautiful thing, when they\’ve had stressful lives at such a young age to be able to give them some joy. It\’s just really important.

Emily: Having mentioned your past injuries, are you a believer in spiritual healing as a result of physical damage?

Laura: Well it\’s funny, a friend of mine does spiritual healing and when I fractured my ankle, it was my left, which is supposed to mean the past and heartache and I had just recently had a break up. And it gave me the time to sit at home and focus on work. And sometimes you really just do need that time to recuperate and I know having chronic fatigue I am very, very in tune with my body now. To the point where if I\’m shooting and I don\’t have lunch till two hours later than normal or if I stay up an hour later than I should, I literally feel I have an hour where if I don\’t do what my body needs I\’m going to get sick or get an ulcer in my mouth or something like that. So I\’ve learnt to really listen to my body and If I need a break I just do it.

Emily: You\’re currently the face of Skin Doctors. How did you get involved with them and why?

Laura: Well it\’s probably been about a year now and Skin Doctors is a brand I\’ve always loved. And so they got in contact with me and had been watching me for a while and they had a good look at my skin and we sort of went from there. And I think they\’re just fantastic and I tried a lot of the product range before signing with them and now I\’ve got to try everything and I\’m one very happy girl!

Emily: What are some of your favourite Skin Doctors products?

Laura: I love the SkinActive 14. I think it\’s really important to keep your skin safe from the sun during the day and it\’s got an SPF and they\’ve also got a really great night cream. The reason that I love it, is because it\’s light enough to wear under makeup but thick enough to feel like you\’re still wearing moisturiser, so they\’ve really got that nice balance there and I wear that everyday.

And another one I love is JungleBronze, it\’s easily one of the best bronzers on the market. The colour of it isn\’t like a normal bronzer, it\’s not very orange and it\’s one of those ones which a dark girl can wear it and it looks quite dark on her and a lighter girl can wear it and still get away with it. It doesn\’t get on clothes, you can walk out in the rain in it and not get marks and it just gives you that really natural kind of look, so I love that.

And there\’s the at home micro-dermabrasion called Powerbrasion, which is incredible. I try and use it probably once a week or so. I used to think you had to get into the salon for a facial but this is something you can do at home which is fantastic. And I\’ve also found that the little beads that come with it, the micro-dermabrasion crystals, if I\’m travelling and don\’t have much time, I just use those for a quick exfoliation.

And their eye cream, Eyesmooth, I put on every morning and night. And the thing with SkinDoctors is, because they do a lot of problem solution kind of products, they\’ve also got things like EyeCircle which is for puffiness under or bags under the eyes, which is great for days when I\’ve got a shoot on or like this morning when I had a 5am call time.

Emily: Do you see noticeable results from using Skin Doctors products?

Laura: Yeah definitely. So the body moisturiser, Supermoist Body which is a 24 hour moisturiser, is one of those ones where you pop it on in the morning and later at night you have a shower and you think, that\’s right I\’ve only had to moisturise once today. And during winter I haven\’t had any problems with dry skin or anything like that and I know everyone else is complaining, so it\’s fantastic.

Emily: What\’s your number one beauty tip for Sassi Sam readers?

Laura: I\’d have to say wash your make up off properly every night and follow that with a good skin care regime.

So there you have it, in case you missed it, check out our review of more Skin Doctors products.


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