New & On Counter: Maybelline NY’s Lip Colour 24hr Superstay – does it stay?

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Sophia Phan

Maybelline NY\’s new generation of Superstay 24hr Lip Color has got the town talking! The relaunch of the Superstay has everything you\’ve always wanted and more and has the divine Julia Stegner as their ambassador. From the moment it glides on, the revolutionary formula gives lips luminous and lush colour that stays up to 24 hours – the biggest and longest long-wear claim worldwide! What\’s even more exciting is that it also comes in 24 phenomenal colours! (Pardon the expletives but I\’m really excited! &)

Thanks to five years of research, Maybelline NY has combined its film-forming technology with its long-wear expertise to create the exclusive Micro-Flex formula – a formula that is more flexible, resistant and durable than any other long-wear lip colour currently on the market.

What\’s more, the fabulous lip colour comes in 24 colours that spread across four different families – red/coral, pink, nude/brown and plum – so there\’s no excuse to not find one (or fourteen) that suit your skin tone! The clever people at Maybelline NY have even made packaging identifiable with a carefully coloured logo representing the shade on its distinctive new white box packaging.

My personal favourites are Berry Persistent, Very Cranberry, Timeless Toffee and Continuous Coral and Eternal Sunset and Reliable Raspberry & that\’s all, I promise. The sleek dual-ended tube holds a vibrant colour at one end and a nurturing and delicious-scented balm in the other.

So, being the crazy person I am, I decided to test the 24 hour promise made by this pretty new product. Yes, I actually wore this lipgloss all day – eating, showering, sleeping, bear-wrestling … I made a note of it every hour, whether there was a colour change or change in consistency and the results weren’t too bad. No it did not last the entire 24 hours but I didn’t expect it to; it was too much of a gimmick, I thought. It did, however, last up to about 16 hours and I think that’s pretty commendable. No normal person, extra emphasis on normal, would be out 24 hours and for the colour to have lasted this long was pretty impressive. I didn’t reapply the colour at all throughout the day, only a touch-up of the conditioning balm whenever my lips felt like it needed some TLC. So, in my eyes, a pretty good product if you’re keen for some colour and minimal fuss.

Maybelline NY Superstay 24hr Lip Color is available now from selected pharmacies, variety stores and supermarkets,  RRP $21.95.

Your Liptastic Queen

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