Review: Burn Bright, Marianne de Pierres

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Tina Gamble

“Why are you here?”

Unlike the other runaways heading to Ixion, Retra isn\’t searching for pleasure or parties; she is looking her brother who left their sealed community two years ago.

On Ixion, there are only a few rules but they are absolute. When Retra saves a White Wing girl, and stands up against a Riper, she soon finds herself being stalked by night creatures and hearing voices call out to her through the dark.

Here – not everyone is as they seem.

“We all pretend things sometimes. And sometimes we leave things too late.”

Burn Bright is Marianne de Pierres dangerous and dark new young adult novel. It is a strange and twisted dystopian tale that mixes innocence with pleasure and thrills with purpose.

From the very start the pace is set and it is a break-taking journey, so put aside some time to drink it all in. The world is every partygoer\’s paradise, and for a Seal like Retra – all straight laced and modest – she is going to have to learn to let loose and accept the rapture Ixion has to offer.

Find yourself clinging to a full cast of interesting and diverse characters. From the gangs, to the guardians aka the Ripers – this is not your normal party. And at the very centre of it all is Lenoir.

Lenoir is the very essence of Burn Bright; he is dark, mysterious and mesmerising. Beneath the surface, something is lurking and I can\’t wait to find out what it is.

Burn Bright is a box of delicious goodness all wrapped up in sin. The plot is both unique and intelligent. I found it just is as shocking and moving as Suzanne Collins\’s The Hunger Games, and luckily for readers, it\’s just as fierce.

There are so many places this story could go, and I\’m holding onto the edge of my seat in wait for the sequel, Angel Arias.

Remember: Don\’t stray from the path: who knows what lurks out there in the dark?

Available now: Random House RRP$18.95


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