Review: Love, Honour and O’Brien, Jennifer Rowe

| 26 July , 2011 | Reply

Diane Sexton

The subtitle to this novel is “A Very Surprising Mystery”, and Love, Honour and O’Brien by Jennifer Rowe is certainly surprising! Holly Love has thrown everything away in order to marry the gorgeous and charming Andrew, and to move in with him in the gorgeous and charming Blue Mountains of Sydney. But somehow her plans – or maybe Andrew’s plans – go awry and she ends up in a private detective’s rooms looking at a parrot. Make that a dead private detective. But a very live parrot. Neither of which is particularly gorgeous, nor charming.

From here Holly’s story gets progressively more surreal starting with a psychic, a hearse and a crumbling manor stuffed with egyptian relics. Not to mention the inhabitants of the manor and their various quirks. Holly continues to try to solve the mystery surrounding her fiance Andrew but seems to keep getting sidetracked by more and more peculiar events. Luckily the parrot is keeping an eye on her and in the end it seems they might even settle down into a happy relationship together.

This novel is a hilarious mystery caper, where clues appearing in the open are naturally not what they seem and there is always a twist in the tail. Even if you are not a fan of mysteries – don’t think of this as Agatha Christie, more like Scooby Doo.

Available now: Allen & Unwin RRP$22.99


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