Victoria Beckham’s Autumn/Winter 2011 Handbag Collection Lookbook

| 27 July , 2011 | 2 Replies

Victoria Beckham has released a new range of handbags and the former posh spice continues to live up to her alter ego over a decade later. The owner of every ‘It\’ bag, including too many Birkins to admit to released a rather modest first range in 2010 comprising just six styles. The new range is similar in style but takes a few more daring leaps into color, couture and runway chic.

Of the range, Victoria shares her favourite: “It\’s called the Victoria bag,” she said. “Because I\’m going to use it every day.”

Most suited to ladies-who-lunch and model-off-duty style chaser, the new range is jet set shapes, red carpet glamour and vintage elegance. Channel your inner Posh-I mean Victoria (sorry nineties child) with the new collection. Here are my top picks!

Victoria Tote in Dark Sand Suede / Black Buffalo

With simple fittings that say serious and gold buckles that say sexy, this tote is androgynous fashion at its very best and the most subtle. Perfect for winter days, cool evenings and over nighters, match with beige\’s, browns and blacks for a smoldering yet understated look. Those sharp corners also look great for attacking photographers.

Victoria Tote Mini in Vermillion Buffalo

Dare to be loud with this signature piece that\’s guarantees a few comments. Its simple logic really, if you want to be spotted on the red carpet-wear the one color everyone else isn\’t. (Note: This plan may backfire if taken too far. There is a fine line between fashion irony and camouflage). Returning to her favorite-boxed shape, Victoria plays with a jet set look and a classic elegance.

Mini Satchel in Burgundy Suede Calf

I thought I would share this one since it\’s a little different from the rest of the range&this burgundy satchel is a little out of Victoria\’s usual style, but even Vicky B has to have a bag for the Sunday markets. Wear it with vintage inspired dresses, florals and prints and well, pretty much any daytime wear. It’s casual glamour for the everyday girl. And plus, Indiana Jones has one.

Duffle in Cement & Sandstorm Cashmere

I saved my absolute favorite for last! Never has duffel looked this sexy. With the contrast of the white and grey tones, feel comfortable taking this bad boy out to lunch, Rodeo drive, and the gym with your international soccer star husband, or more realistically, to work.

Go get your Vicky B bag on!

Who was always Sporty Spice

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  1. Sassi Sam says:

    I agree Katrina … it was hard for us to choose favourites!

  2. Katrina says:

    They are all gorgeous!!!

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