We Chat to Pia Miller about her journey from Teen Success to Big Screen Seductress

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Keeva Stratton

Australians were first introduced to Chilean-born, Australian-raised beauty, Pia Miller, at just 13, when she won a Dolly Magazine competition. She has since enjoyed international catwalk success, having represented companies such as Myer and Qantas. And now, at 27, Pia has turned her focus to acting, and is making a serious attempt to relaunch her career, albeit in a not-so-serious role.

Having trained at NIDA, Pia is about to make her big screen debut as the unsuspecting seductress, Maria, in the Australian comedy Big Mamma\’s Boy. I spoke with Pia about this exciting new career move.

Keeva: What made you change from modelling to acting?

Pia: It\’s something I have been thinking about and have been quite intrigued by for some time now. I have always seen the similarities between modelling and acting.  With modelling, whether it was a boho garment or a glam gown, I always thought that you had to adapt a bit of character to pull it off. Although they are worlds apart, I have always brought acting into my modelling.

Keeva: Was it a difficult move?

Pia: It\’s been great. I went to NIDA because I wanted to explore what was inside, to see what would come out. I knew I had to quit modelling because I thought the only way to really give acting a go was to close that door and open this new door. It was the only way I could truly give everything to my acting.

Keeva: What attracted you to a romantic comedy?

Pia: At the time of the audition I didn\’t really know much about the film itself, but there were things that I liked and could relate to about the character of Maria. I was born in Chile and English was a second language to me, so I felt I could genuinely understand her. I tried to interpret her as best I could and found the whole process to be a lot of fun. A lot of what my character does in the film is really about reacting. My comedic timing in the film is therefore quite natural and spontaneous. It was funny and fun!

Keeva: Was it difficult to learn to speak Italian for the role?

Pia: I speak fluent Spanish, and while Italian and Spanish are quite similar they are still very different. The difficulty for me was that I would always slip into Spanish instead of Italian, so I was helped out a few times. The director would always yell: ‘No Pia, not Spanish! Italiano, Italiano!\’ There is just so much expression with Italian words, and I had my coach there which made it good fun.

Keeva: What was it like playing the temptress Maria?

Pia: She didn\’t know it. It was interesting because I knew it, but I didn\’t want to play out that result. Maria was quite innocent in Mamma\’s scheme. So although she was a ‘temptress\’ she was really just this innocent young girl who has come all the way from Italy to marry an attractive husband and eat great food. She was really very sweet and innocent.

Keeva: Can we look forward to seeing you in more films?

Pia: The love story begins! I had so much fun and learnt so much on that set. I have since done some work on TV, which was so different to the role of Maria, and again I enjoyed the challenge of it. Hopefully, this is the new journey and you will see a lot more of me.

Big Mamma\’s Boy is in cinemas today July 28th.  Make sure you check out film review and interview with Aurelio Costarella on Holly Valance’s wardrobe.


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