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Tina Gamble

The Game (The Valley) by Krystyna Kuhn

Running from a secret past, Julia and Robert Frost, arrive at the elite Grace College for the highly gifted. Set in an isolated valley, Julia thinks it\’s the perfect place to hide.

But when a student goes missing, and a dead body is found, Julia soon finds out that The Valley has secrets of it\’s own.

Krystyna Kuhn\’s story, The Game, opens with the Frost children heading to The Valley and several questions come to mind: Who are they? What are they running from? Where are their parents? And what is this school?

I was instantly curious and couldn\’t wait to find out more. I had no idea what sort of story this would be or even where it would lead, but I was all at once intrigued. Julia and Robert both seemed like interesting characters and who doesn\’t love a good mystery?

As the story progressed, I felt like there were two stories running parallel to each other, but they never quite touched. There was Julia and her secret life, and then there was Grace College and the missing student. Both were interesting, but because they didn\’t quite join together, the plot wasn\’t as strong as it could have been.

Having said that it is still a very interesting and enjoyable read. There\’s something creepy about Grace College that had me hooked and wanting to know more.

Julia is a believable character, who is hiding a secret. And honestly, her secret wasn\’t something I was expecting at all, which made it all the more thrilling by the end. And though there were several questions left unanswered about the other characters, I\’m sure they will be revealed throughout the rest of the series.

The Game is an eerie new young adult book, about a college placed in the middle of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. In it\’s isolation the college is like a world of it\’s own, where students come to leave their past behind and start a new life. But what happens when the past threatens to catch up with them?

Available now: Hachette RRP$18.99


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