Film Review: Captain America

| 2 August , 2011 | 1 Reply

Directed By: Joe Johnston
Starring: Chris Evans, Hugo Weaving, Tommy Lee Jones, Stanley Tucci & Hayley Atwell
Sassi’s Star Rating: 3.5 stars

America is caught up in World War 2. Weedy-yet-stalwart Steve Rodgers finds himself rejected time and again, in his patriotic quest to join the fight for his country. Thanks to a chance meeting at a ‘future fair\’, his life takes a dramatic turn when manages to catch the attentions of an army scientist looking for a test subject for his experimental soldier project.

With the help of Stark Enterprises (yes, think Iron Man), and some experimental science, the US Army manages to transform Rodgers from meek into mighty—born anew as a super soldier weapon for the war. But when the scientist is murdered, Rodger\’s noble desire to fight for his country is again doomed to failure—only this time, he finds his new buff looks being exploited as ‘Captain America\’, an all-singing, all-dancing comic style hero, who is put on the entertainment circuit to raise funds for the war.

Eventually, of course, he decides to take control of his own destiny and transforms the character of Captain America the revue attraction into a real-life war hero, who comes to the fore when taking on the evil forces led by a supernatural German nemesis.

Captain America is generally a well-rounded offering in the comic book film genre. Part of the hugely successful Marvel franchise, it will appeal to both to fans and those unfamiliar with these long-embedded comic book characters. The film benefits tremendously from its strong supporting cast. It offers some welcome performances from Stanley Tucci, as the kind yet brilliant German scientist; Tommy Lee Jones, who appears born for the role of drill Sergeant; and Hugo Weaving, who is once again well-placed as the maniacal, and somewhat supernatural, Nazi super villain, the Red Skull.

Towards the end, one couldn\’t help but feel a strange familiarity with scenes that came eerily close to those of Return of the Jedi. But this needn\’t deter you. With fun, action and a tease of the many sequels ahead, despite its overt patriotism Captain America is a fun filmic offering that adds a touch of class to the comic book genre.

Captain America is in cinemas now.


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