We Say Goodbye to Stovepipe Jeans and Say Hello to Breathing!

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Michelle Reed

A new season of denim is upon us! And I for one am a little sick of the low rider, skinny leg, dark denim jeans most of us have been getting around in since mid 2004.  Inspired by GLUE\’s new Spring/Summer catalogue, I picked a few different styles (some daring some not so much) that I encourage you to consider as alternatives to your stovepipes.

I thought it would be hard at first but after a couple of hours of grueling work trying on new release after new release, posing, eating fish and chips and generally feeling special, Sophia the expert photographer and I found a few new favorites to add to our Summer wardrobes.

Michelle wears: Nude Lucy Angel Light Skinny//RRP$109.99

Ahhh now doesn\’t this bring back an old favorite? Ripped jeans are not just for Ashlee Simpson my friends-you too can rock slim fits while injecting a little uniqueness into a day time look. The Nude Lucy’s were a little loose around the hips, but fit perfectly everywhere else! I may of felt a little awkward strutting down the side walk at Coogee Beach in Tony Bianco stilettos, but you can\’t deny how much a little lift does for your figure… Wear your brand new worn jeans with heels, flip flops or even canvas shoes for a slouchy, casual look.

Michelle wears: Nobody Cult Hi Atomic Red// RRP$179.99 and Wrangler Denim Jacket Bluegrass //RRP$149.99

Colorful jeans=WINNER! Never thought I would say this but throw away your classic denim blues and make a statement in something a little louder. Red, pink, yellow, whatever colour you feel comfortable in-do it! Not only do these Nobody’s match my red lipstick, they vamp up an otherwise boring outfit and even allow you to break the denim on denim rule. (I said it, its out there, I cant take it back).  Additionally, they are oh so comfortable! You know that time in the morning when you realize you have to get dressed but the task seems so much more daunting because your outfit includes jeans? Not with these. Wear your colorful pipes with simple bases and stand against white backdrops.

And the second (and lets face it, slightly less striking) item of clothing in this picture-the Wrangler denim jacket! Now personally, I like to team my denim jacket with anything but denim. Solid blacks, floral dresses or cargo pants usually do the trick. But something made us try it with the red&namely because I didn\’t bring any other clothes with me. But the point young style stalkers, is that it looks hot! I would suggest keeping it as a daytime piece though&but hey that\’s just me!

Michelle wears: Nobody Cult High Code Jean Blue// RRP$179.99

The Nobody high rise would have to be my favorite! First of all, they\’re like a corset and item of clothing in one. No need to suck it in if you\’re wearing these babies. Second of all they\’re the chicest of the denim family. By wearing higher styles you instantly elongate your legs. Emphasize this by tucking in tight tops, and once again throwing on those heels!

Michelle wears: Mavi Olivia White Edge// RRP$159.99

Last but not least is a style you thought was long forgotten. Straight legs. Don\’t stop reading! I know we all lost our confidence in straight legs when Avril Lavigne lost the chain on her cargo pants, but there is definitely still a place for this cut in the new season. I prefer to roll mine up absent-mindedly for daytime strolls through shallow waters (as above) and match them with some wedges or summer canvas shoes. Be daring though! Bring the subtle flare back with  a pair of flop flops, flattering singlets and a hairstyle from the early 2000s.

Remember these words; Plain old slim fit is OUT. Everything else is in. Give it a chance!

To find your new pair of jeans this Spring/Summer, visit Glue Store’s website: www.gluestore.com.au.

Wanted By GLUE for Overdue Jeans Rental

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