Review: 10th Anniversary, James Patterson

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Diane Sexton

The latest installment in James Patterson’s Women’s Murder Club series, 10th Anniversary, follows Detective Lindsay Boxer after her long-delayed wedding to the love of her life, Joe Molinari. On returning to her job at the San Francisco PD, her first case turns out to be full of surprises. A teenage girl is picked up by a car, wearing next to nothing and having just delivered a baby. But the baby is nowhere to be found. Lindsay is haunted by the thought of what may have taken place and where the baby could be. Death is the least of her worries for the child. And following the twists and turns of the teenager’s story is like taking a trip down Alice’s rabbit hole.

At the same time, fellow Murder Club member, Assistant DA Yuki Castellano is prosecuting in a murder trial which could make or break her career – accusing a local heart surgeon and mother of two of murdering her husband. With overwhelming circumstantial evidence pointing at Yuki’s suspect, why does the defense attorney take Lindsay aside and ask her to reexamine the case? Lindsay puts her friendship with Yuki on the line as she pursues what looks like an open and shut case, searching for evidence that could abort Yuki’s trial.

Yuki and Lindsay’s friend and co-Murder Club member, crime reporter Cindy Thomas, meanwhile is chasing what seem to be random, unconnected rape events appearing in different hospitals around town. None of the victims is connected in any way, and all were found in a drugged state near their homes, in different parts of the city. Cindy’s reporter instinct leads her to more than she expects – but she certainly gets her story!

James Patterson’s style is gripping and exciting. I found myself carried along with the story, even though I’d never read any of this series, but I was intrigued by the Women’s Murder Club – a group of professionals (doctor/medical examiner, attorney, detective and reporter) who came together over homicide and stuck together over food. Luckily they are on the law enforcement side of homicide! Through their discussions each of the women offers insights into the others’ cases and problems, and affect the outcome of the different cases. It’s not so difficult to see that this is probably how things happen in the real world – real cops have real friendships with the other professionals in their line of work. It’s just that for these professionals, it’s all about bonding over cuisine, coffee, and cake, rather than beer and football.

Available now: Random House RRP$32.95


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