Review: The Dreamseller: The Calling, Augusto Cury

| 10 August , 2011 | Reply

Pat Geale

This is a novel that will evoke something in the reader regardless of who they are and Cury has obviously drawn upon his own experiences as a psychiatrist to develop a warm and enriching story. The character of the Dreamseller himself is a man whose existence is comprised of enabling the diverse array of people he meets to attain a better understanding of what their life is about, and letting go of the day-to-day baggage we encumber ourselves with. The Dreamseller stands to act as a mirror to the reader.

Cury has developed a novel that philosophises upon everything. The smallest and simplest gestures are acknowledged as a ripple effect in the greater scheme, and reveals that people should think about their actions; he really wants the reader to think and engage with his characters. Large portions of the book are allegorical to Socrates and the teachings of Jesus, however, this should not deter because at no moment does it become overbearingly preachy.

The Dreamseller captures the essence of everyday life around the world, and what society has become as a result. It encourages the reader to think identify and think of themselves using humour and compassion. It is in its essence, a novel that will resonate with readers and leave them asking for that little bit more.

Available now: Simon and Schuster RRP$19.99


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