Backstage Beauty by Illamasqua & L’Oreal at Myer’s Spring/Summer 2011 Fashion Show

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Last night (August 11th), Myer presented their Spring/Summer 2011 Collection at Carriageworks Everleigh in collaboration with international make up brand Illamasqua and hair by L’Oreal Professionnel.

The focus for Illamasqua was all about the eyes (David Jones was the lips) and I’m happy to say these looks are an easy way to wear colour this Summer and will be simple to replicate yourself.

L-R: Four Looks, White, Pink, Orange and Nude

Working together with Myer, Illamasqua Make Up Directors Nicola Burford and Natasha Severino created four looks for the show that were inspired by the unique landscapes, reflective heat and environmental architecture of the Western Australian Desert and landforms of The Pinnacles where the campaign was shot.

The strata formations of the desert rock were mimicked by the ombre of colour and texture on the eyes and skin starting with a nude make up base based around the key colours of the season; bronze/orange, pink, white and nude.

Monochromatic powder and creams created soft structure to all features on the face including cheekbones, eyes,
eyebrows and lips. Nude lips set off intense accents in contrasting textures of dry powder, creamy pencil and glitter in either burnt orange, sunset pink or white heat that was blended and bleached away on the lower eye line.

Key Illamasqua Products used included:

Cream Foundation, Gleam Cream, Satin Primer, Cream Blush in ‘Lies\’, Sheer Lip Gloss, ‘Disobey\’ Powder Blush, ‘Vex\’ Medium Pencil, Volume Mascara in Black, ‘Nymph\’ Powder Blush, ‘Excite\’ Powder Blush, ‘Sex\’ Eye shadow, Loose Powder in LP 010, ‘Thrash\’ Medium Pencil, ‘Bait\’ Medium Pencil and ‘Elate\’ Medium Pencil. ‘Blow\’ and ‘Wink\’ Nail Varnish added a creamy sun-bleached colour to the nails.

L: Make up Director, Nicole Burford

For the amazing glitter soaked hair creations, L’Oreal and Brad Ngata were inspired by the reflection of light hence the strong use of glitter and although I’m sure you won’t be rushing into the bathroom to swathe your hair in glitter, the slicked back chignon buns are a stylish look for summer nights out.


“This look is all about summer, colour and the reflection of light, hence the glitter. So using different colours such as nude with gold, bronze with gold, pink and red, I created  a reflective surface in the hair with glitter in two tones. The colours were blocked together with a reflective illusion of a mirage in the desert; which was the show\’s inspiration. As the models walk the runway, the mirage was of their hair changing colour in the light as they moved their heads.” – Brad Ngata


  • Slick back hair into a low set ponytail using Tecni Art Fix Max Gel (L\’Oréal Professionnel). Twist the ‘tail\’ tightly with more gel, and wrap it into a tight bun at the nape.
  • Set the hair to dry using a hair dryer with a diffuser nozel. This will ensure there are not flyaways and the heat dries the hair gently.
  • Spray a non aerosol hairspray to the hair. I used Tecni Art Fix Design fixing spray.
  •  After mixing together glitter in a bowl with Fix Max gel, I ‘painted\’ it onto the hair with a brush. The two-tone effect of using two colours meant the colours could fade into each other from the bun to the hairline.
  •  The hair was totally covered in glitter for a show stopping effect of reflection and light.

You can check out the face charts to help you recreate the make up looks by Illamasqua.

For Illamasqua Stockists, call 1800 661 210 and for L’Oreal Professionnel stockists call 1300 651 141.

And if you missed it, make sure you check out the Fashion Show, you can see all the Red Carpet action here.

Photography courtesy of ModalSoul

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