Review: Dangerously Placed, Nansi Kunze

| 12 August , 2011 | Reply

Tina Gamble

Alex Thaler has a work placement like no other, which should have been a dream, but then an employee turns up dead—murdered—and she just happens to be the prime suspect&

Dangerously Placed by Nansi Kunze is an entertaining new YA novel about a very different sort of work experience placement. Set between a mix of ‘real\’ time adventures and the virtual workspace, you\’ll find a healthy dose of humour, mystery, and zany sleuthing antics.

When the head of Alex\’s department is found killed and things start getting hairy, Alex\’s friends are there to pitch in and help her solve the murder. They are like a bunch teenage detectives and remind me a little of Nancy Drew or the Scooby gang. There is also a bit of a cute romance blossoming between Alex and Nix, who, by the way, is hilarious: I\’m still laughing over Nix\’s ‘bark samples.\’

Oh and a virtual office? How cool. Just imagine going to work and being in what seems like a real place; interacting with people, moving through rooms and even having your own cubicle, but in actual fact, your co-workers are literally living half a world away. Kunze manages to offer us a satisfactory amount of detail to make us believe Simulcorp exists and who knows, maybe someday these offices will become the norm (perhaps they\’re already out there).

Dangerously Placed is a fast and fun read, which will keep readers on their toes, eagerly taking in all danger and excitement of Virk\’s virtual office. Kunze\’s novel has a little bit of everything and the just right amount to make it a good pick for all those looking to avoid the winter chill outside.

Available now: Random House RRP$17.95


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