Dermatologist Dr Katherine Armour Shares Her Top Five Must Do Skin Care Tips!

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Attention my Sassi Friends … do you have skin problems? Well even if you don’t you’ll want to read this anyway ’cause we all get skin problems at one time or another!! L\’Oreal Paris‘ consulting dermatologist, Dr Katherine Armour is an expert on keeping skin in tip top condition and we had the pleasure of getting up close with her recently at a L’Oreal skincare briefing.

Dr Armour comes with solid skin credentials, in addition to being a Fellow of the Australasian College of Dermatologists (FACD), Katherine is a Consultant Dermatologist at The Alfred Hospital, Monash Medical Centre and The Skin & Cancer Foundation in Victoria while also working in a private practice in South Yarra and Moonee Ponds.  Katherine is also well published in dermatology literature, so she knows her stuff!

 “I am excited to have signed with L\’Oreal Paris as their Consultant Dermatologist& L\’Oreal Paris is a brand I have long admired for their expertise in skincare so it is a true privilege to officially join the L\’Oreal Paris team and work with them exclusively.” –Katherine Armour

So now that we’ve got her credentials out of the way, we got Dr Katherine to give us her top five tips for keeping your skin at its best. We think they\’re pretty straight forward, but they are all things we forget (or can\’t help) doing!

And as an FYI, did you know that girls in the 16-24 age bracket have SPF at the bottom of their importance lists for skincare!  I was shocked to hear this … girls SPF should be at the TOP of your lists!

1.        Daily broad-spectrum sun protection

Most foundations these days have sunscreen in them-especially those most commonly sold in Australia. But if yours doesn\’t, boy have you been making a huge mistake. UVA rays from the sun can penetrate deep into your skin and damage collagen, which is the protein that holds your skin together in a firm and smooth way. So what’s the result you may ask? Wrinkles! If you can\’t part with your sun protection free foundation, make sure you mix some sunscreen into it. This will also stop make up from sliding off your skin.

2.       Use an appropriate moisturizer for your skin type and needs

Its all very well and good to have all the products the commercials tell you to have. But you need to make sure you\’re using the right product for you. If you were to go to an up market skin care counter at a department store, they\’re not just going to throw the moisturizer that\’s closest to them at you and quote a price. They\’re going to want to sit you down and talk to you about your skin type. There are four major skin types: sensitive, oily, dry and combination. Most people fall under combination but that doesn\’t make it any easier. Do some good old google research and find out what your skin type is. Oh, and if you have oily skin, that does NOT get you off the hook when it comes to moisturizing, Believe it or not, it is the dryness of your skin that causes it to compensate by over producing oil.

3.       Use a gentle cleanser daily

Every. Single. Day. Seriously. Your skin doesn\’t care if its 4:30 in the morning and you\’ve had a hard night of partying. In fact it\’s angry with you because you over powdered, you\’re sweating and you didn\’t use any primer because you were three glasses of wine in when you were getting ready. If you don\’t cleanse everyday you don\’t wash away the dirt that\’s sitting on the surface of your skin. It\’s slowly seeping into your pores waiting to cause black heads and blemishes.

4.       Add active ingredients to your daily skincare regime

Active ingredients include a long list such as sun filters, skin-lightening agents, topical exfoliates, antioxidants, retinoids, etc. In other words, ingredients that actually cause results. If you have rough skin, use an exfoliate. If your skin is ageing, protect it with antioxidants. A lot of non-dermatologically tested skin care products are simply soap in a new packaging. Beware of products with foaming agents (because this is simply a filler) or cleansers with micro beads too large to penetrate the skins surface. Generally, you should only trust products recommended to you by someone with a similar skin type to yours or products you can obtain from chemists or well know skin care brands.

5.       Avoid smoking!

I know its great after two glasses of wine or a fight with your ex, but cigarette smoke contains more than 4000 toxins many of which are absorbed directly into the bloodstream and are taken by the blood right into the structure of your skin. As a result of this, skin not only loses its capacity to repair itself, but skin is thinned and can appear to look gaunt.

So there you have it girls, five skins care rules to live by. Good luck and keep your skin happy and healthy!

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