Feature: Burberry Beauty Inspired by the Art of the Trench

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Truth, be told – luxury products make the world go round. There\’s something magical about that one piece of clothing or accessory that instantly evokes a smile. Whether it\’s the logo, the silky texture or perhaps, even the price point, luxury products boost pride, ego and self-esteem.

Let\’s do a little test here – when I say Burberry trench, do you chuckle? So should you.

The trench is induced with individuality, English sophistication and effortlessness, that screams high glamour and class. Back in 1856, it was the outfit of choice for explorers who pioneered the aviation industry with style and substance. In the 1920s, the introduction of the trademark check lining made Burberry take precedence over the ‘iconic\’ and ‘royalty\’ of the brand.

Christopher Bailey, Burberry\’s creative head, calls the trench as a reflection of attitude. “It\’s this kind of easy piece that you cocoon yourself in that protects you and you feel safe,” he says.

This man, whose design vision transcends the physicality of fabrics and threads but is exposed to the architectural design, came up with another million-dollar brainwave that took two years to formulate.

And that was launching Burberry Beauty!

Trench, shoes, scarves, handbag; a Burberry girl had every facet of the brand, with one obvious element missing from her wardrobe.

Bailey got the inspiration while working on a Burberry runway fashion show where he wanted to present an out-and-out Burberry girl.

“That was the only thing missing. We needed the models wearing Burberry make-up. Burberry Beauty is relaxed, unforced and sophisticatedly articulating and enhancing the woman\’s personal attitude and energy,” says Bailey.

The Spring/Summer 2011 collection incorporates everything that belongs to the Burberry world – the trench coat in every shade and tone of nude with subtle hints of red, silver and charcoal. Even though the collection is inspired by a British rock chic, it\’s anything but that. The lightweight and breathable texture of every product caters to the brand\’s worldwide fundamental market.

“Burberry\’s core icons and fabric details – embossed check, sheer, lightweight textures – all a part of the collection. It lets skin shine through like sunshine after rain,” Bailey says.

But with overflowing beauty counters at departmental stores, what gives Burberry an inimitable appeal? Bailey says it\’s in the disheveled elegance and the rawness of the brand. But consider this coming from the horse\’s mouth – the real luxury lies in the packaging. The packaging that\’s an experience.

“The packaging is all based on the idea of a trench coat wrapped around this jewel of a box that\’s dark nickel and all embossed with the Burberry iconic check. Inside when you open it up for the eye shadow and for the pressed foundation it\’s got the signature check on it,” Bailey said.

It\’ll be a novelty for your beauty shelf to pave way for this product. You\’d want to clean it every day, show it off and never let your husband/partner/kids/mum/dogs touch it.

Need another reason to invest in Burberry beauty? I think&not!

The range has just arrived on Australian counters and is made up of the following:

  • Burberry Skin: sheer foundation – Luminous fluid foundation, sheer foundation – Luminous compact foundation, sheer powder – Luminous pressed powder.
  • Burberry Glow: light glow – natural blush, Warm glow – Natural bronzer, beauty brush – face brush.
  • Burberry Eyes: Sheer Eye Shadow, Eye enhancer – Effortless mascara, Volumising lash enhancer, Eye definer, Eye shaping pencil.
  • Burberry Lips: Lip Cover – Soft satin lipstick, Lip Glow – Natural lip gloss, Lip definer.

The Burberry Beauty range is now in Australia and is available exclusively at David Jones and we’ll have our beauty favourites story going up soon.

Will you be getting your Burberry Beauty on?

Courtesy of Burberry


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