Exclusive Behind the Scenes Video of Felicity Jones & Ed Westwick in Chalet Girl

| 19 August , 2011 | Reply

We’ve got exclusive behind the scenes footage to share with you of Felicity Jones, Ed Westwick, Bill Nighy, and Tasmin Egerton joking around on the set of the  ‘snowmantic’ new flick Chalet Girl.

Watch the Behind the Scenes Video:

Just to recap: Chalet Girl stars Felicity Jones as Kim: an ex skateboarding champion who takes a job waitressing at an exclusive ski retreat in the alps to gain some extra cash. A complete fish out of water, Kim must learn to fit into this affluent world while she struggles to overcome her attraction to her unavailable boss (Ed Westwick) and win a major snowbaording competition.

Chalet Girl will be released in Australia on September 1st. What do you think?


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