Nicole Kidman & Nicholas Cage: Trespass Movie Trailer Released

| 19 August , 2011 | Reply

The trailer for the new Nicole Kidman and Nicholas Cage thriller Trespass has hit the web. The film also stars Cam Giagandet (Burlesque) and features Melburnian Ben Mendelson of Love My Way fame.

The two Nic’s play a wealthy married couple whose home is invaded by cold blooded thieves who take the family hostage. Faced with the possibility of losing their lives; the family risks it all in a game of betrayal and deception to fight back.

Watch the trailer here to see Nicole kicking some butt:

Trespass is being directed by Joel Schumacher who directed past thrillers 8MM, Phone Booth, and Batman Forever.

There’s no Aussie release date, we’ll keep you posted but there are rumours it’s heading straight for DVD.


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