We Chat to Erin McNaught About her New “Naughty for Zu” Shoe Collaboration

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As I revealed to you a couple of weeks ago, the lovely Erin McNaught has collaborated with Zu Shoes on a shoe collection called “Naughty for Zu” and we chatted to her about her new collection, how much she just loves shoes and what she has in her wardrobe she can’t live without. It sounds like she was a ‘shoe’ in another life!

Sassi: How excited are you to be the face of Zu Shoes?

Erin: I couldn’t be more excited! ZU is such a fantastic brand. Their shoes are worn by women from all walks of life, yet who all have one trait in common — they’re positive, fun-loving people. To not only be asked to be the new face of ZU, but to also design a range, was definitely one of the highlights of my career so far. I’m so honoured to think that ZU have enough faith in my style to allow me this creative outlet.

Sassi: Tell us about the inspiration behind your Naughty for Zu collection

Erin: The inspiration behind my collection came from so many different influences.  I recently visited Palm Springs in California and loved the whole retro feel of the hotel we went to (The Ace Hotel). It had that 70’s vibe, with the palm trees shimmering in the desert heat, and people lounging around the pool, sipping cocktails. So I incorporated this in the styles ‘Fiendish’ and ‘Cheeky’. I also love the movie (and soundtrack of) Pulp Fiction. Uma Thurman’s character, particularly, is incredibly intoxicating. Her effortlessly cool, chic exterior inspired the ‘Bad Girl’.

I also wanted to encapsulate the Australian summers that we love so much, and I drew some inspiration from the places and people around me. I often spend long, lazy lunches at my favourite haunts around Bondi Beach, where you can get away with wearing something a bit different. To me, this is reflected in the ‘Impish’ shoe.

Sassi: Tell us about the Naughty for Zu Girl, who is she?

Erin: The Naughty for ZU girl is upbeat and fashion-forward; fun-loving yet sophisticated. She likes to look and feel good, but is laid-back about her style. She doesn’t take herself too seriously.

Sassi: What are your favourite shoe trends are for this SS2011 season?

Erin: 70’s style wedges, anything nude, and anything patent. Also, I’m loving all the acid brights that are trickling in. They’re perfect for those who aren’t quite daring enough to wear clothing in such bright hues.

Sassi: What’s your favourite everyday shoe?

Erin: ZU’s ‘Hudson’ flat ankle boot. It’s got a slight block heel which gives an extra 4cm of height, yet is really comfortable. Better still, it goes with everything.

Sassi: What’s your favourite shoe from the Naughty collection?

Erin: I can’t decide! Either the ‘Bad Girl’ in Nude, or the ‘Cheeky’ wedge leg wrap in Nude. The ‘Impish’ is really unique and fun to wear, while the ‘Fiendish’ in Tangerine looks amazing with bronzed skin. I think I just listed every style!

Sassi: What’s been your biggest shoe disaster?

Erin: Wearing high heels into the ground! When I would find a pair of heels that I loved, I would just keep wearing them until they fell apart. The shoe would be all scuffed and dirty, and the stiletto would be raw metal, clacking on the ground. There’s nothing worse! I’ve learnt to take better care of my shoes now, and to get them re-heeled regularly.

Sassi: If you could only wear one pair of shoes for the rest of your life, what would they be?

Erin: Sky high platform stilettos that were actually made from marshmallows and pillows… Bliss!

Sassi: Whose shoes would you like to walk in?

Erin: My boyfriend’s, so I can see what a pain in the butt I really am, and become a better person because of it!

Sassi: What’s in your wardrobe that you can’t live without?

Erin: Oversized singlets, denim cut-offs and about a zillion bikinis.

Erin’s “Naughty for Zu” Shoe Collection will be available for for pre-sale at www.fashionfile.com.au from September 1st and in-store and online at zushoe.com.au from beginning of October.

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