We Chat to Torah Bright about her new “Roxy Bright Edition” Fashion Collection

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Australia\’s golden girl of snowboarding, and Vancouver Olympics gold-medalist, Torah Bright is back in Australia to launch her third co-designed Winter fashion collection Roxy Bright Edition.  The collection consists of a range of snow jackets, snow pants, snowboards, gloves, goggles, beanies, snow bags and snow fleece.

Fun fact: Australia\’s National Team uniform for the Olympics was based on a jacket Torah created for her Roxy Bright Edition line!

We had a little chat with Torah on all things fashion, Roxy and winter.

Sassi: How did the Roxy Bright Edition Collaboration come about?

Torah: The Bright Edition has been around for about four years. It consists of goggles, beanies, jackets, pants, gloves, snowboard, bindings and some layering pieces.  The idea has always been to take street fashion and translate it into snow outerwear. Each style from year to year changes a lot but always trying to make it feminine, luxurious and glamorous.

Sassi: Tell us about your favourite pieces from the collection?

Torah: I love the puffy jackets, it’s more of a European feel! I also love the slim fit pant!

Sassi: What’s your biggest fashion faux pas that you laugh about?

Torah: There have to be many, but when I was younger I started wearing headbands because my helmet would rub on the front of my head, and I guess I thought it looked good because I started wearing them all the time.

Sassi: What’s in your wardrobe that you can’t live without?

Torah: I have one scarf that I have had for year, can’t leave on a winter trip without it!

Sassi: What are you planning on doing while you’re back in Australia that you miss the most living overseas? Besides catching up with family and friends 🙂

Torah: I love being home, spending time in the mountains, the bush and the ocean and of course you can’t get a meat pie like you can here!

Sassi: Chasing the winters around the globe, surely you miss the sunshine and warmth of our summers? How do you make sure you get your dose of sunshine and warmth during the year?

Torah: I make sure I get somewhere tropical in-between winters! It’s a must, I couldn’t do them back-to-back without that summer getaway!

The Roxy Bright Edition new collection has just hit stores for your nearest stockist call 1800 789 234 or visit their website: www.roxy.com.

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