Ita Buttrose Covers Australian Women’s Weekly September 2011 Issue

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Ita Buttrose continues her in-vogue ascension as the cover girl for the August 2011 issue of The Australian Women\’s Weekly, the magazine that made her famous, the first time (1975-1980 she was editor)!

In a revealing interview, Ita, now 69, discusses the revival of her fortunes after the ABC drama Paper Giants, her doubts about ever finding love again, and those rumours about Kerry Packer.

“You get used to rumours when you are in the public eye,” she says. “[Kerry and I were] great friends, best friends, actually, and we thought alike & years ago, we made a pact that whatever happened, neither one of us would talk about the other.”

She revealed that the secret financial backer behind her self-published magazine, Ita, was not Kerry Packer, as some have theorised, but Sir Peter Abeles. “I had an idea and I needed some money,” she says. “He loved it.”

I asked Helen McCabe, current AWW Editor in Chief and my idol, why she thought Ita was striking a chord with women again:

“Ita has always been fascinating but there is a definitely a renewed interest and admiration for her and what she has achieved. If you go back and have a look at Ita\’s CV it is quite extraordinary she has published books, worked on radio been editor-in-chief of The Sunday Telegraph and The Daily Telegraph. She was even on the board. There are not too many women who can lay claim to that sort of success.

So in some ways it was just time to but her the cover.  But, I think even Ita would admit what really happened was Paper Giants and Asher Keddie.  Asher\’s portrayal of Ita was the standout performance of the year, so far. It reminded the Ita fans of what she achieved but it also introduced her to a whole new audience of young women.

Of course as with all covers it had to look good, and we just thought it was a great shot that captured Ita\’s spirit and distinctive style.”

I think it’s quite fitting have Ita on the all important September Issue … The Australian Women’s Weekly is on newsstands now, you can visit the AWW website for more.

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