We Road Test Burberry Beauty’s Debut Australian Make Up Collection

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Sophia Phan & Michelle Reed

We love Burberry Beauty. We may be a bit biased since we love their trench coats, campaigns and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, but honestly, their make-up range is so adaptable, buildable and suitable for any occasion. Michelle and I used some of their products to create our favorite all-time looks: natural and old school Hollywood glamour.


SOPHIA: I used some of their new products to create a natural, night time look for all of you who are like me and don\’t like to go too out there. Here it is below!

Burberry Sheer Foundation in Trench

I love, adore, cherish this foundation; it\’s fantastic! It glides on like butter (in the smooth way, not the oily manner), evens out my skin tone and yet, also allows my skin to breathe! It\’s dewy and light and fresh and just amazing. If you\’re after a natural-looking foundation that still lets your gorgeous freckles shine through, this is the one for you!

Burberry Natural Blush in Light Glow

Burberry, why do you keep on coming up with awesome products? This blush and its accompanying brush are gorgeous. The colour is lightly pigmented and oh so pretty and can help give you those supermodel cheekbones. Flirty and feminine, apply this with the foundation, mascara and a quick swipe of lippie and you\’re all set for a laidback, beautiful, natural look.

Burberry Natural Bronzer in Warm Glow

With a teeny bit of shimmer, but still quite sheer, it\’s the perfect addition for your Summer kit.  The colour is absolutely gorgeous and it really does give you an amazing, natural glow that looks as if you\’ve been gleaming in the sunshine for hours! I\’ve been looking for The One; that one perfect bronzer, and I think this comes pretty darn close! I applied it with a swanky Burberry kabuki brush and boy, did I fall in love pretty darn quick!

Burberry Sheer Eye Shadow in Almond and Taupe Brown

Sheer is probably the best way to describe this product. Lightly pigmented, warm and completely flattering, these babies gave me that ‘oh-it-doesn\’t-really-look-like-I\’m-wearing-much-eyeshadow-look\’ whilst framing and giving depth to my eyes at the same time. Classically Burberry, these neutral hues are perfect for a long day at work and its smokeyness can be amplified for an evening out. It\’s very soft and smooth to apply, obviously fantastic quality, and comes with its own nifty eye brush, embossed with the Burberry logo.

Burberry Lip Cover in Rosewood

Ah, the perfect pretty lipstick. With a tint of rose and plum, it adds a bit of femininity and polish to your look without looking overdone. A nice complement to smokey eyes and tousled locks, definitely keep this nearby for touch-ups. The formula is creamy and it applies like a dream.

Michelle-Hollywood Glamour

With old style glamour, burlesque, cabaret, prohibition and all things old world beauty coming back into fashion stronger than global mesh bags, I thought it was only appropriate we all get a lesson in classic red lipstick application.

  • Tip #1 The most important tip I can give you is DON\’T JUMP AHEAD TO THE RED. I know you\’re very excited to paint your face but the regular steps still do apply! Primer, foundation and powder people. If you don\’t have a completely flawless face the red will only highlight any blemishes or irritated patches on your skin.
  • Tip #2 Be patient and careful with your application. Most good lipsticks won\’t bleed but if your using a runnier one (ie. NP set ‘goddess\’) then definitely use a lip brush. Build slowly and use a lip liner if need be.
  • Tip #3 To achieve that old school glamour natural pout; you\’ll want to lift your cheekbones. To do this, apply a light rosy blush to the upper contours of your cheeks and sweep in an upward motion. BUT unlike bronzer application for the daytime, don\’t sweep all the way into your hairline. Line up the end of your blush with the outer corner of your eye for Hollywood glam appeal.

And voila!!

MICHELLE: Here\’s a quick review of the products I used (some already covered by Sophia, but the second opinion is always better& I mean also valuable):

Burberry Brick Red Lip cover: By far one of the best red lipsticks I’ve come across! Not too sheer but not too matte, easy to apply but lasts a fair while. You\’re right Soph the formula is really creamy which allows it to glide onto even the most cracked and wind burnt lips (guilty). The color may look a little dark to you but once applied it\’s the perfect shade to brighten olive and tan skin tones. Blondes may have to be a little weary if they find their face can\’t usually take too much drama.

Burberry Sheer Liquid Foundation (Trench): Good stuff guys. Very good stuff. First of all, Sophia and I used the same color and somehow that worked out fine&magic! Second of all application really is easy. Not only does it come in a pump bottle (my favorite type of dispenser) it clings well to the skin whilst still being easy to blend. It also has a slight powder finish, which combats shine and creates a matte look.

Burberry Sheer Powder Foundation (Trench): Now my golden rule is that things always work better in ranges, but to be honest I’m not to sure about this duo&.don\’t get me wrong this is a great powder but used over the matte look of the foundation it doesn\’t have a very noticeable effect. You would be better off using a looser powder so that the product can be smoothed over the skin easier for the finish you need. Pop this one in your handbag for daytime use over concealer or a more watery foundation.

Burberry Light Glow (Russet Blush): with a similar texture to the powder, I didn\’t have the highest hopes for this blush when I opened the compact. But by applying it with Burberry\’s very own loose powder application blush, it actually turned out quite good!  Its rich in color which means you don\’t have to coat it on too much, but it still looks quite natural.

There are three Burberry looks that you can achieve in the colour palette that they recommend, Effortless, Sun-Kissed and Natural and we hope this gave you some ideas for your own night time look of choice, and helped you decide if you\’re willing to spend the big bucks on some luxury cosmetics 🙂

And in case you missed it, check out this feature Shitika Anand did on the Burberry Brand.

Sophia and Michelle
Your Burberry Beauty Girls

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