Book Review: Armani Angels, Cate Kendall

| 9 September , 2011 | Reply

The latest offering by Australian authorial powerhouse Cate Kendall (the combined talents of Lisa Blundell and Michelle Hamer) is an intelligent and witty escapade through the streets of Melbourne the way the only the designer heels of the city\’s elite could walk them.

Gemma Bristol is a high flying PR executive. Her life is a blur of exclusive events, designer dresses, and never ending bottles of champagne. Gemma is the woman everybody wants to be, especially her conniving best friend Mercedes.  But behind the façade Gemma\’s marriage is falling apart, her son is spiraling into an isolating depression, and she is stricken by paralysing anxiety attacks. Plus she\’s torn by her attraction to her handsome colleague from New York – but he couldn\’t possibly be returning her affections& could he?

Gemma tries to alleviate her social conscience by volunteering on a charity committee headed by Dame Francis Davenport, the matriarch of Melbourne philanthropy. But the new and the old collide spectacularly and Gemma challenges the Dame to a very public fundraising face-off. The two battle it out for the title of the Queen of PR as the tongues of Melbourne\’s VIP\’s start wagging. This time there is more then just ego at stake and both parties will give anything to win.

This latest offering by the team that brought you Gucci Mamas and Chanel Sweethearts follow their success with this heart warming offering. Armani Angels is a sweet escape filled with interesting characters and just the right balance of humour, tension, and reflection. It\’s Sex and the City on the banks of the Yarra. What more could you ask for ladies?

Best read with some bubbly on hand.

Armani Angels is available now through Random House RRP $32.95


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