Watch: Vera Farmiga in Higher Ground Trailer

| 13 September , 2011 | Reply

A new trailer has just been released for Vera Farmiga’s directorial debut Higher Ground. Farmiga, who was nominated for an Oscar for her work in Up In The Air, will both direct and star in the film which is based on screenwriter Carolyn Briggs’  memoir The Dark World.


Set in the Sixties, Higher Ground delves into the world of a tight knit religious community as it is uprooted by a woman who begins to question their way of life. The film follows Corinne (Farmiga) as she falls both into and out of christianity while she struggles to negotiate her most important relationships – those with her family, her community, and her God.

Higher Ground created some serious buzz on the US festival circuit as well as plenty of mixed reviews. Watch the trailer here and let us know what you think:

Higher Ground is released on October 6 to limited screens in Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth.


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