Movie Review: The Change-Up

| 18 September , 2011 | Reply

Director: David Dobkin
Jason Bateman, Ryan Reynolds, Olivia Wilde
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This comedy is centred on two friends: Dave (Bateman) is married with children, about to make partner in a big law firm and oozes responsibility, while the other, Mitch (Reynolds), is a single, sexed-up, pot-smoking out-of-work actor. A big night\’s drinking ends with each believing that the other man has the better life, and a midnight pee into a magic fountain sees to it that when they wake up the following day, Dave and Mitch have literally swapped lives—Dave finds himself waking up as Mitch, and vice versa.

The changed men immediately hit difficulties when they are faced with their respective workplace challenges, and then later in the game of love. They soon find that while each life has qualities that they could benefit from, ultimately they want their respective lives back, no matter what it takes.

This year, comedy has taken a turn towards the crude. And, while this seems to find its natural place in films such the The Hangover, it comes across as slightly overdone here—a quick, if not the cleverest, solution to gaining laughs. While the central performances are convincing, and there are indeed laughs to be had, the film as a whole is fairly patchy—if not 30 minutes too long.

I think the stereotypes of immature single male and sexless married guy are easy fodder for comedies, but they are tired depictions that need revamping. Men, frankly, deserve a little more. And, Olivia Wilde is sadly underutilised as a lawyer-cum-tomboy, who only has boys on her mind.

The Change-up is full of crude jokes and slapstick humour that will, for those who enjoy this routine, raise a laugh—but you ultimately leave feeling that you\’ve seen it better and sharper before.

The Change Up is in cinemas now.


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