We Chat to Jessica Tovey, Westfield’s 2011 Spring Racing Ambassador

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The racing season is upon us again and who better to inform us about what\’s hot on the tracks this year than Spring Racing Ambassador for Westfield Bondi Junction and Westfield Doncaster, Jessica Tovey.

The young Aussie actress, best known for her role as Belle Taylor on Home & Away, has had major stand out roles in popular TV series such as Underbelly: Golden Mile, Paper Giants: The Birth of Cleo and Rescue Special Ops.

She will be attending the Epsom Super Saturday and judging Fashions on the Field beside Nikki Phillips, Firass Dirani and designer Joe Farage. Luckily for us, she was kind enough to share some tips and tools of the trade to look our best this season.

Sassi: Tell us about your favourite Spring Racing trends for this season?

This Spring Carnival Modern vs. Classic will be the focus off the track. Colour blocking and graphic prints are two of the biggest trends you’ll see. Textured white is also very popular and perfect for the races.

Sassi: What are your key racing tips for looking and behaving like a lady at all times while balancing the fine line of having fun?

The races are all about having fun, but just remember it’s day time fun, not night time. Keep hydrated, it’s a long time to stand around in the sun. Dress appropriately, no stilettos, a thicker heel or wedge is perfect.  Dresses shouldn’t be too short, the higher the heel, the longer your dress should be. You should wear an outfit that allows you to be comfortable all day, if you leave with your shoes in your hands you’ve had a little too much fun.

Sassi: What makes for great head wear for this racing season?

It’s Spring Carnival so if you are going to opt for a hat go with straw for a more vintage classic look; a pill box hat is perfect. Floral arrangements are also very popular this season, either as a head piece or simply fresh flowers put directly into your hair. If you use real flowers, pick one that will remain fresh all day such as orchids, baby’s breath or a wax flower.

Sassi: What do you love about being the face of the Spring Racing Ambassador for Westfield?

So far as Spring Racing Ambassador for Westfield I have had an absolute ball. I’ve loved being able to go through all the new collections and try on different looks and styles for the races. I’ve always loved attending Spring Carnival because it’s such a wonderful social occasion. It’s an institution in both the sporting and fashion calendar for Australia and I’m very proud to be Westfield’s Ambassador.

Sassi: This is your first foray into modelling & how\’d you find the experience?

It’s been so much fun, but harder than I thought. It was important to me to just be myself and enjoy it because I’m hardly a 6 ft. tall model. Anyone can be stylish and sophisticated at the races with the right outfit and attitude and that’s what I wanted to show as the Ambassador.

Sassi: Have you ever gone horse-riding? If so, what do you love about it? Was it a great experience or scary?

I haven’t actually ever been horse riding, I tried once as a child and got too scared. But during one of the photo shoots as Westfield’s Ambassador I got to work with this beautiful horse called Lockhil. He is a such a handsome and gentle horse, I kind of fell in love. So my girlfriends and I have decided we are going to try horse riding this summer.

Sassi: What was it like to work on such iconic TV projects such as Paper Giants and Underbelly? They couldn\’t be more extreme in types of TV.

That’s what I love about my job, it constantly changes. Both were such incredible experiences for different reasons. Underbelly was such a challenge because it was my first big role since years of playing the same character and the energy on set was quite intense being in Kings Cross. Paper Giants was incredible because I was able to really create a character and explore her journey in immense detail. It’s rare at my age to have played so many strong female roles and I’ve relished the opportunities.

Sassi: What can we look forward to seeing you in soon?

There are a few projects I’m looking at for early next year, nothing I can name at the moment. As for now I’m just enjoying my role as the Westfield Ambassador.

So there you have have it, the latest Jessica Tovey news. Have fun this Spring Racing Season and remember to keep Jessica’s tips in mind!


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