Interview: We Chat to Ruby Rose about Going Nude for Maxim & PETA

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Ruby Rose had everyone talking yesterday when her first ever ‘nude’ cover and photoshoot was revealed for Australian Maxim Magazine’s October 2011 issue.  Produced in conjunction with “PETA” as expected Ruby has created a divide but she has got everyone talking about an issue that she is passionate about.

So we asked Ruby herself about the photoshoot, PETA and Wigs!

Sassi: Ruby, your first ‘nude’ photoshoot, how was it?  Were you nervous about stripping off?

Ruby: Haha! I guess I should have been more nervous but I was with great friends who I have shot with for Cleo (Carlotta Maye was the photographer), Who magazine, and other magazines so I felt very comfortable and because it was for a cause I believe in so strongly it really just felt like a wonderful experience.

Sassi: Why did you want to go down the well trodden celebrity ‘naked’ path?  Was is it an easy decision to make?

Ruby: It was not a decision to be taken lightly of course but there is an amazing calibre of people who have posed naked for the PETA campaigns and I am in great company!

Sassi: No matter what you do or what message you are trying to get across you divide everyone (I personally love how you how you speak up about whatever it is your are passionate about and remain true to your authentic self), what do you have to say to those people who are going to have a go at you for stripping off?

Ruby: I don’t say anything really.. I mean, personally I think the shots are so artistic and the meaning behind it is profound. I also live my life according to my morals and beliefs not anyone else’s. I laugh at that kind of flack because it shows that no matter what you do people will have an opinion on it. It was a shoot done with great intentions that has served it’s purpose as it has everyone talking. I have done about 13 interviews today (September 21st) alone on fur and that would have been next to nearly impossible to generate without the shoot.

Sassi: What’s the story behind wearing different wigs?

Ruby: Well.. When one doesn’t have any clothes to work with!!  I wanted to be a chameleon. Representing different animals.

Sassi: What did you love about this photoshoot?  

Ruby: It was liberating and has a great message.

Sassi: What are the key things you would like everyone to take away from this editorial?  Not just about PETA but about who you are and what this photoshoot means to you.

Ruby: Don’t be afraid to stand tall and never compromise your ethics and morals.

So there you have it, will all the publicity generate additional sales for the magazine? I hope so, it’s great to see a magazine focusing on local celebs.  But it’s definitely raised more awareness for PETA and FUR.

You can visit Maxim’s website for more: and of course the October issue is on newsstands now!

And if you missed them, check out Jennifer Hawkins and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley who have also featured as Maxim Australia’s cover girls!

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