Film Review: Abduction

| 24 September , 2011

Director:  John Singleton
Staring:  Taylor Lautner, Lilly Collins, Sigourney Weaver
Sassi’s Star Rating: Shirtless Taylor Impresses! 2.5/5

Abduction is the story of teenager Nathan (Lautner) and his social studies partner Karen (Collins) who innocently stumble across a missing persons website that seems to have a picture of a younger looking Nathan.  Pretty soon, the teenagers are embroiled in a deathly escapade that has a much deeper consequences for the couple and anyone they come in contact with.  With a Bourne Identity feel to it, the film has a real sense of intrigue and some great action sequences.   The plot is more interesting and realistic in the beginning, however, it gets a little holey towards the end and there is a definite element of cheesiness.

Abduction is Twilight pretty boy Taylor Lautner\’s lead role debut.  Girls looking for eye candy will love Taylor\’s well placed shirt removal throughout the film and he doesn\’t disappoint.   It looks like his career is taking off and it is obvious he has spent many months in the gym working on that body!  He is well placed for some butt-kicking action films for the future and I think this is where he will sit quite nicely.  Director, John Singleton (Fast & Furious 2, Shaft, Four Brothers) has recognised this in Lautner and put it to good use in this film.

Lily Collins, daughter of Phil Collins, is making her moves on Hollywood with this film and the upcoming, yet to be titled, dark and twisted version of Snow White.  She plays the role with gusto, however, she probably could have done with a hair band for that tousled hair.  However, if I looked like that, I wouldn\’t mind running a lot with my hair flowing in the breeze.  Who doesn\’t want to look fabulous whilst running from bad guys with guns?

Lautner, Collins and an unexpected choice, Sigourney Weaver do their best with the script.  Again, more believable in the beginning but for Team Jacob fans, this is a sure-fire winner.

Abduction is in cinemas now.


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