Traditional Indian Ayurvedic Therapies, Why You Need to Try It!

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The ancient healing wisdom of India has arrived in Sydney with the launch of Australia’s first authentic Ayurvedic Wellness Centre in Bondi Junction.

The centre is the brainchild of Rita Sagrani, who saw the need for a traditional Ayurvedic centre after she used the discipline to overcome her own health challenges.

“The healing benefits of Ayurveda were something I was brought up with in India. It took life stressors and illness for me to go back to my roots, and use the techniques again. From my personal experience I want to share this natural healing here in Australia,” said Rita Sagrani.

Traditional Indian Ayurvedic Massage and Allied Therapies use a combination of natural medicated herbal oils and healing techniques customised for each person\’s body type. Designed to detoxify, cleanse, beautify, rejuvenate and balance, this ancient wisdom tradition helps to create inner radiance, vitality and long lasting wellbeing.

Ayurveda is India\’s ancient science of life and longevity and is the healing or therapeutic sister science to Yoga. Its holistic approach looks at each person as an individual with their own unique energy and body type. It aims to restore imbalances and promote the flow of vital energy in the body and mind.

Offering authentic traditional Ayurvedic therapies that will detoxify the body and balance the mind, body and spirit, The Ayurvedic Wellness Centre uses an integrated approach through special massage and other treatments. They also offer lifestyle consultations and therapy with a general practitioner who is also an Ayurvedic therapist trained in India.

The Ayurvedic Wellness centre only uses herbal oils with natural ingredients all being carefully processed using traditional methods in India, as well as massage therapists who are trained and experienced in India, making the experience 100% authentic.

Dr Shaun Matthews, founder of the Ayurvedic Medicine Department at Nature Care College Sydney, specialises in the treatment of chronic illness using a holistic approach:

“Ayurveda understands the world in energetic terms and as such understands how our thoughts and emotions affect our physical health. It is more than just a system for treating disease,” said Dr Matthews.

I experienced one of their incredible oil massages, let me warn you there’s lots of oil used, in my deep relaxation massage, the Abhyanga full body oleation and a steady stream of warm oil (Shirodhara) over the third eye (forehead), they used two litres.

Shirodhara - this is the best

I found the full body oleation a bit confronting and less relaxing, you do need to be comfortable with your body for this aspect of it, but the Shirodhara was so deeply relaxing I slept the best sleep I have in a long time that evening. The oil smell is quite pungent so be warned to take your daggiest clothes you possibly can and it takes a few washes to get the oil out of your hair.

After the massage you relax in the Sound Therapy Room where you listen to Candharva Music (a style of Indian music inspired by nature and her rhythms) and it’s incredibly relaxing. Normally I would rush off home after an experience like this and go back to work or cook dinner and not allow myself to be ‘present’ and sit in that sense of calm it creates.

This is definitely for those that are interested in holistic approaches to your health and wellbeing and well worth a visit, they know their Ayurvedic ‘stuff.’

The Ayurvedic Wellness Centre is now open, located at 1 Bondi Road, Bondi Junction. You can visit their website for further information and to make a booking:

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