Jennifer Lopez the “Hair” of L’Oreal’s New Elvive Triple Resist Hair Care Range

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L’Oreal Paris have just released their new campaign featuring Jennifer Lopez for their new range of hair care products Elvive Triple Resist. Going for a very photoshopped ‘sassi’ pink and black campaign, the new Triple Resist is said to nourish hair from the root to tip, reinforce the fibres therefore giving you stronger hair.

They also asked their scientists to settle the following Fact or Fictions about some common hair care beliefs that we have:

  1. Washing hair with cold water makes it shinier:  MYTH
  2. Regular trims makes hair grow faster: MYTH
  3. Hair becomes immune to shampoo over time: MYTH
  4. Eating jelly everyday helps strengthen your hair: MYTH
  5. Sun damages your hair: FACT
  6. Eating crusts makes your hair go curly: MYTH
  7. If given a terrible fright you hair would curl, turn white, and fall out overnight: FACT
  8. Washing hair with egg whites makes it glossy and healthy: FACT
  9. If you have your hair cut on a full moon it will grow quicker: MYTH

How many would you have gotten correct?  I failed at four (1, 2, 3 and 7). What about you?

Don’t believe me? Check for yourself!

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