Behind the Scenes on Cate Blanchett’s Debut TV Commercial for Skincare Brand SK-II

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On the weekend, SK-II debuted their first TV Commercial (TVC) featuring global brand ambassador, Cate Blanchett for the Discovery of SK-II, shot in the Hsitou Bamboo Forest in Taiwan.

Celebrating nine years with SK-II, Cate Blanchett shares journey of discovery with brand and her skin transformation in the TVC, Cate Shared:

“We shot the commercial in the Hsitou Bamboo Forest in Taiwan, and it was one of the most extraordinary places on earth I have ever been in. The light was so delicate, I was in a beautiful white dress, against all the green – it was just exquisite,” on shooting her first TVC for SK-II

“When I first discovered Facial Treatment Essence, the effect that it had on my skin was quite remarkable. Its condition improved within a few weeks because I used it regularly, which is the key to SK-II – the benefits of using it consistently boosts the results.  Within a couple of weeks, the tone of my skin was incredibly even, incredibly hydrated,” on her discovery of SK-II.   

First discovered by a chance observation in a Sake brewery 30 years ago, SK-II\’s “miracle” ingredient Pitera contains vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and organic acids that work together to help allow the skin surface\’s natural renewal process to function at its prime.

Containing more than 90% Pitera, Cate credits SK-II Facial Treatment Essence as the product that transformed her skin to crystal clear clarity within 14-days.

And SK-II have made it easier for everyone to try their products with the introduction of the Pitera Essence Set for $99. The set contains the key products to step change skin to its crystal clear best in 14-days including a 75ml bottle of Facial Treatment Essence, 40ml Clear Lotion and a Facial Treatment Mask.

Behind the Scenes with Cate on her TVC:

Cate’s TVC:

You know I’ve long been a fan of SK-II, I still use my Cellumination products and Essence water but my skin doesn’t look like Cate’s, she’s very blessed but I still recommend you get the set and give it a go.

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