Film Review: Footloose

| 6 October , 2011 | Reply

Directed by: Craig Brewer
Staring: Kenny Wormold. Julianne Hough, Dennis Quaid
Sassi\’s Star Rating: 3/5

When Ren\’s (Kenny Wormold) mother dies of cancer, the young Bostonian moves across country to live with his aunt and uncle in a small rural town on the conservative Bible Belt where immoral music and public dancing are illegal.

Ren falls for Ariel, the free spirited preacher\’s daughter (Julianne Hough) but the outspoken rebel isn\’t considered good enough to date daddy\’s golden child; especially after he starts a movement to formally challenge Beaumont\’s draconian laws.

Removing Footloose from the epoch of 80\’s cheese leaves it slightly lacking for younger generations and it\’s missing that sense of rejoice in its own tackiness that defined the 80\’s teen dance drama genre. But 2011\’s Footloose still has fun at it\’s core and that is what will keep the new generation of movie goers pleased – as well as some sexed up dance moves and a street spin on the choreography and soundtrack.

It takes a lot to knock the iconic image of an enraged Kevin Bacon angrily dancing/flipping/kicking his way through the remains of an abandoned factory but likeable newcomer Kenny Wormald sure gives it a try. Hough is agreeable as Ariel, but Miles Teller is a stand out as Willard.

Call it reverence or uninventiveness, Brewer\’s Footloose does not stray far from the original; borrowing dialogue, dance moves, and even the prom dress from the 1984 version (the latter probably wasn\’t their best idea). So if you were worried about this remake sullying the good name of your favourite film there isn\’t much to panic about.

It\’s not the original but Brewer\’s Footloose is a fun update.

Footloose is in Cinemas now.



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