Film Review: Real Steel

| 7 October , 2011 | Reply

Directed by: Shawn Levy
Starring: Hugh Jackman, Evangeline Lilly, Dakota Goyo and Kevin Durand
Sassi’s Star Rating: Jackman and this kid rock! 4 / 5

Real Steel appears to be a sci-fi action packed boy film but, girls, there is something for you too. Originally a short story, this surprisingly touching movie explores the troubled relationships of Charlie (Jackman) on a quest to win big in the Real Steel tournaments where futuristic 2,000 pound robots are pitted against one another in the ring. The fans can\’t get enough and I found myself really getting ‘into\’ the matches on screen. Usually, I would shy away from these scenes but the fact that robots were boxing it out makes it less painful than watching humans, although these humanoid robots do make it look quite real. The CGI is great it this film – definitely a welcomed addition rather than an annoying side effect.

Rising star Dakota Goyo, shines in this film and he will steal your heart. He plays Max, the feisty 11 year old son of Charlie with a fiery spirit and he really nails the role. With a range of emotion that really brought out the characters of the film, it isn\’t hard to see why Steven Spielberg was an Executive Producer. It definitely has his stamp on it. Max is also on a quest to learn more about his estranged father Charlie and they find out they both have a passion for the boxing bots!

Evangeline Lily plays Charlie\’s love interest Bailey, and has truly shaken her ‘Lost\’ role and created a lovely character in this movie. This movie really gave me some unexpected and truly delightful moments. There was laughter, fist-pumping and a couple of tears thrown in for good measure which all makes for a great movie. What I loved most was the lovely blend of story and action – so girls, grab your guy or date and take them to this one – you will both love it.

Real Steal is in cinemas now.


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