Book Review: Bones of Faerie, Janni Lee Simner

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Janni Lee Simner\’s novel Bones of Faerie left me looking forward to the next book. There were some unanswered questions; characters who only appeared in a few scenes and relationships that were hinted at but never explained. The sequel, Faerie Winter, unties all these knots and adds meat to the bones of its predecessor. It was even better and I was flipping over the pages as fast as I could read them!

The people in Liza\’s village are finding their changed world difficult to get used to. Previously, those who were born with magical powers were exiled or harmed, like Liza\’s younger sister. It now turns out all children born after the war with Faerie have magical powers. So the threat of magic is even closer than before, and the line between enemies and friends is blurred. The children have the same difficulties in controlling their powers as before, and they\’re learning from a few adults and from their own experiments.

The normal passage of the seasons stopped with the war, but now the world has moved from autumn into winter. Some people have never seen winter before, and don\’t know if it will ever end, while even those who understand the seasons are starting to lose faith. The trees are less dangerous now, as winter has made them sleepy, and they seem to be falling into a deep, death like sleep. However, there are other problems to replace the threat of the trees: new challenges and enemies. There are also appealing additional characters with interesting powers.

This book has a faster pace than its predecessor, and the reader finds out more about what caused the war with Faerie. The book shows how easily wars can happen, and how no one really wins. It also looks at how people can grow, change, and learn to understand each other. As well as demonstrating this in relation to enemies and the war, the book also examines understanding regarding relationships between mothers and daughters. The reader shares Liza\’s justifiable resentment towards her mother, who trained other magical children in secret but abandoned Liza to a home with an abusive father. We see Liza\’s closer relationship with Karin, and also discover some secrets about Karin. If you found book one even slightly interesting, which I\’m sure you did, you\’ll love the sequel: more answers, and more action!

Available now: Random House RRP$18.95


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