Book Review: You\’ll Be Sorry When I\’m Dead, Marieke Hardy

| 17 October , 2011 | Reply

Marieke Hardy\’s book, You\’ll Be Sorry When I\’m Dead, is fresh, bold and daring. It leads you into a frenzy of Fitzroy supporters, Brunswick pubs and many late nights revelries.

Hardy\’s book provides a mixed collection of autobiographical short stories, which you don\’t necessarily need to read in order, you can jump and skip and flip back. My only advice is that you read them all.

It\’s easy to say that this book is for people of all ages, as whether we admit to it or not, we\’ve all had our heartbreaks, our wild times and some seemingly ridiculous ideas. There is braveness in Hardy\’s writing, in her honesty and the way you are invited to glimpse into her mindset and world.

The fact that she has included the accounts of other people not only helps to make her stories come to life, but also shows us the humanity in her; we don\’t all see the world the same way nor do we all react with the same predictability. I found these letters and emails and Facebook messages to be an integral part of the book, and can only commend her and the people who wrote them for allowing these added missives.

In short, Hardy\’s book is raw and charming. There is an honesty that leaks through the pages and seeps into your fingertips, keeping you entranced as you follow her through relationships, heartache, awkward encounters and her varied career transitions.

Would I recommend this to a friend? If the answer wasn\’t already obvious, then yes—in fact­—I\’ve already done it twice today!

Available now: Allen & Unwin RRP$29.95


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