Book Review: Bad Sisters, Rebecca Chance

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Where would we be without our sisters? For Maxie, Devon and Deeley, the three sisters in Rebecca Chance’s new novel Bad Sisters, this is a question that they would rather not examine too closely. Maxie is ambitious, Oxford-educated, and married to a junior MP. Devon is luscious, beautiful, married to a top rugby player, and star of her own cooking program – with book spinoff – who can’t actually cook. And Deeley? Deeley is the gorgeous hot girlfriend of heart-throb actor Nicky, based in LA, with nothing to do but look glamorous on Nicky’s arm. But the three sisters, brought up in poverty by a drug-abusing mother with a string of layabout partners, have a secret that they won’t even talk about amongst themselves, so instead they hide behind their lifestyles and careers.

Unfortunately for Deeley, her girlfriend status is definitely one of those “Easy come, easy go” opportunities and she finds herself being sent back to England with very little to show for the last five years, apart from suitcases full of expensive clothes and accessories. But with no education, no training, no career, and no friends who else can she turn to apart from her sisters?

Devon and Maxie are horrified at the thought of Deeley coming to stay with either of them. Both feeling successful, though insecure, in their own lives they don’t need their little sister tagging along. And to make it worse, Deeley is interviewed soon after her arrival in London, talking about her low beginnings – the last thing that Maxie and Devon want to highlight in their worlds. But Deeley’s arrival and behaviour act as a catalyst for Maxie and Devon’s worlds to shift in very unexpected ways.

The novel is at times saucy, glamorous, shocking and most of all fun, and very easy to read. Pack this in your bags for a weekend away or save it up for the holidays, you won’t be disappointed.

Available now: Simon & Schuster RRP$24.99


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