Book review: Private Lives, Tasmina Perry

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Invitations, indiscretions, injunctions – it’s all in a day’s work for media lawyer Anna Kennedy in Tasmina Perry’s latest novel Private Lives. For the rich and famous, with their lives on show, having one drink too many can lead to embarrassing photographs,  questions or career-threatening appearances in the media. Anna Kennedy, as a newly recruited lawyer at London firm Donovan Pierce, has the job of stopping the media machine by making deals with the paparazzi and calling in late-night injunctions.

However one injunction – for the hot actor Sam Charles, who happened to spend the night with someone who wasn’t his fiancée – doesn’t come through as planned and all of a sudden Anna’s own career is in jeopardy. Then the son of the firm’s founding partner has been handed the reins of the law firm and Anna finds herself butting heads with him almost immediately. So when a strange case comes across Anna’s desk – that of a party girl found dead in her own apartment – ordinarily nothing to do with her, she welcomes the distraction. It turns out that in this case there is more than meets the eye.

Anna follows the case all the way to India and back again, finding some glamorous romance along the way, and in so doing unravels a remarkable mystery, which leads to her gambling her entire career on the outcome of her investigation. Set against the heady backdrop of European wealth and movie-star glamour, this novel is like a sneak peek into the way the rich get by – unveiling not their private lives, but their private armies of people who make their public lives bearable.

Available now: Hachette RRP$29.99


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