Book Review: Losing it in France, Sally Asher

| 22 October , 2011 | Reply

At last, a diet book that has nothing to do with diet, and everything to do with lifestyle – Sally Asher’s personal experience of the French way of eating is explained and explored in her autobiographical account, Losing it in France. Sally comes from a health and beauty background but paradoxically had always found it hard to maintain her own ideals of health and beauty. Until that is, her boyfriend Frederic told her that she had gained weight – and then she moved in with him and his mother Josianne, in Paris.

The descriptions Sally gives of the French lifestyle, and attitudes to self, are inspirational. And what makes this book stand out is that Sally seems to be just like you or I, struggling with the concept of “good” and “bad” foods and diets that just don’t work. Here, however, Sally explains the way that the French have their cake, or cheese, or croissants, or chocolate – and eat it too. All without getting fat.

This book is transformational without being preachy, for me it really resonated and felt intuitively right. It’s not difficult to see how the lessons Sally has written, can be applied to your everyday life. This is a great book for absorbing as we head into the traditional season of over-indulgence, and even better, there are plenty of recipes included that will make French cooking part of your everyday repertoire!

Available now: New Holland RRP$29.95


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