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The beauties at L\’Occitane have launched a new hydrating skincare range using the organic herb Angelica that\’s designed to hydrate and radiate (hello, glowing skin!). This new range using organic Angelica contains the essential oil and water from the heart of the angelica root and brings them together in a patented complex that acts on both skin hydration and vitality.

During the Middle Ages in France, angelica was used for its excellent medical properties and as a herb. It was recommended for the overworked or convalescing. Angelica essential oil has hydrating and toning properties, which helps restore one’s beauty.

We’ve been using the Angelica range and my favourite is the hydration cream, protective lotion (SPF15) and Angelica Eye Roll-on.  The Angelica Eye Roll-on has an instant cooling ‘ice-cube- effect\’ and helps reduce dark circles and puffiness.  The lovely texture of the SPF cream slips onto the skin easily and works great underneath make-up. The Hydration Cream is not too heavy and soaks in easily.  I didn’t really use the cleanser or toner. But overall, this is a lovely and decent range for normal/dehydrated skin.

  • Hydration Cream 50mL RRP $58.95
  • Protective Lotion SPF 15 30mL RRP $42.95
  • Eye Roll On 10mL RRP $34.95
  • Gel Cleanser 200mL RRP $34.95
  • Face Toner 200mL RRP $34.95

The L’Occitane Angelica Skincare Range is available at L\’Occitane boutiques and selected department stores and pharmacies now or you can purchase directly from their website.

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