Book Review: Dannii Minogue, “My Style”

| 25 October , 2011 | 3 Replies

Alexandra Ward

Dannii Minogue is on a roll, releasing her second book, Dannii: My Style.  In My Style, Dannii shares her fashion wisdom and personal style secrets, illustrated with stunning photos of herself as she dresses to impress.  The book is a style guide for women who want to be fashionable, sexy and confident. Using her own experiences from over the years Danni guides you on how to make the best of you and she totally owns up to her own faux pas so you feel like it’s your sister or best friend dishing out the advice!

“My Style” is more than just a fashion guide, it\’s a style bible that invites women to enjoy the evolution of Danni\’s style as she shares inspiring tips, things she loves and bursting with practical advice! It encourages women to be sexy and confident and covers all things girlie, from style icons to fashion tips and living well.  One of her all-time style icons is Audrey Hepburn – “her physique was more streamlined than mine, so I can’t emulate all of the things she wore, but I love her style and beauty ethos,” she shares.

She advises on dressing for different occasions (from casual wear to black tie), how to accessorise, wardrobe must-haves and holiday dressing essentials. (But most importantly, how to love who you are!)

 “‘My Style\’ is an inspirational guide to making the most of what you\’ve got and looking your best” – Dannii

Dannii discusses how her style has evolved since the age of 4 where she embraced a tutu and yellow gumboots. She is classical and sophisticated, voted in the top 10 stylish women by Vogue. She passes on her advice in a beautifully presented book (I love the D&G tulle corset dress on the cover& So elegant and vintage!)

Her positivity and down to earth nature makes this an easy read, as do the stunning illustrations. Dannii\’s maternity photoshoot by David Gubert is featured and makes a gorgeous spread, showing off her baby bump and radiance.

Have a sneak peek at Dannii’s photoshoot for the book:

It makes a lovely gift for a friend\’s birthday or a perfect addition to your coffee table.  Well worth the purchase this Christmas.

And I think Dannii says it well when she shares& “We can never look perfect all the time but we can dream and sometimes give it a try.” 

Available now: Simon & Schuster RRP$37.99

Photography by Jonty Davies


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  1. Sassi Sam says:

    I agree, I’m a big fan and we did love this book!

  2. bailey nielson says:

    She is absolutely stunning. Thank you for writing this, I’m so excited to get her book now! 

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