Book Review : With My Body by Nikki Gemmell

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You must remember your first sexual experience. Your first glimpse into the mysteries of the body – whether good or bad, which has gone on to shape all future experience. In With My Body, the sequel to The Bride Stripped Bare, Nikki Gemmell takes a middle-aged housewife back to that first awakening. From a quiet English village, and the monotony of the housewife and school run, the narrator goes into the past in a single long, hot, luscious, Australian summer.

As before, the narrative is immersive, as a woman you are drawn into the experience and it is impossible to resist Nikki Gemmell’s stream of words. You are there, experiencing it all as if it was your story. Or your dreams .. a magical summer hidden and buried by the daily reality of study, work, marriage, children .. Described in a series of lessons, and framed by a combination of a Victorian-era housewife’s aphorisms and quotes from famous erotic writings, this is both an instruction guide, and a fairy tale for the modern woman.

While I found it hard to get started with the book, it had such a mesmerising quality that, in time, I could not wait to see how things would unfold. And in beautiful symmetry the narrative returns from Australia to the current day as the housewife and a reawakening of all the sensation, all the passion and urgency of experiencing life in its fullest. Having moved on from her manual for the newly wed, this is Nikki Gemmell’s exploration of long-term relationships, presented in the same beautiful style as its predecessor.

With My Book is on Facebook, like their page to keep updated on Nikki’s in-store appearances and chat to women who have read the book. You can also watch videos on their youtube channel … it’s definitely getting women around Australia talking!

Available now: HarperCollins RRP$29.99


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