On Counter: Skin Doctors New YouthCell StemCell Skin Care Range

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Skin Doctors\’ new YouthCell range is a unique combination of the best that nature and science can offer.  Smelling almost as fresh as its packaging, YouthCell promotes to regenerate healthy skin cells, renew format skin cells and repair damaged skin cells using the latest in stem cell technology PLUS two additional cosmeceutical strength anti-ageing peptides, that together will help combat visible signs of aging.

What are Stem Cells?

Skin stem cells are responsible for the long-term maintenance of the epidermal tissue. From the age of 30, the number of skin stem cells decreases and their ability to renew becomes less effective. PhytoCellTec (MalusDomestica) is an extract from the stem cells of the rare, long-living swissapple UttwilerSpätlauber.  It has the ability to regenerate it\’s cells after falling from the tree.

The plant stem cell active ingredient delays the appearance of chronological ageing of the skin, while the additional cosmeceutical actives treat the existing wrinkles and signs of ageing. The plant stem cells work at the basal layer of the epidermal skin cells, whilst the cosmeceutical ingredients work at the surface layer.

YouthCell targets the cell renewal process to:

  • Regenerate healthy skin cells
  • Renew dormant skin cells
  • Repair damaged cells


I’ve been using the YouthCell Youth Activating Cream for about six weeks now and it’s a really lovely cream to use. It’s not too heavy or light and my skin just soaks it up.  During the cooler months it wasn’t hydrating enough for my skin and I always had to add additional night creams or night oils onto my skin and of course during the day you need to add a cream that has SPF.  You can see from the images below from the consumer trials Skin Doctors did in February this year that there were noticeable differences.  I haven’t seen any major noticeable difference in my the lines around my eyes like the tester has but it has worked well as part of my skin care routine and my eye area does seem to be softer looking.  I recommend it as a really good all-rounder every day face cream.

There are two products in the new YouthCell Skincare range; Youth Activating Cream 50mL RRP $59.95 and Youth Activating Eye Cream 15mL RRP $49.95 and I definitely think the Youth Activating Cream is a great purchase for what it does and it’s value for money. I don’t see the need to purchase the eye cream as well.

YouthCell is on counters now and available in Priceline, Priceline Pharmacy, My Chemist, Chemist Warehouse, Terry White Chemists and other selected Pharmacies. You can visit the Skin Doctor’s Website for more: www.skindoctors.com.au

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