Our Face-to-Face Interview with Sarah Jessica Parker for her new film – I Don’t Know How She Does It!

| 16 November , 2011 | 2 Replies

From the moment I found out I would be interviewing the goddess that is Sarah Jessica Parker, I was in a fluster about what to wear! I didn\’t want to go over the top, but then again, it is SJP! I just HAD to wear some killer heels, but then I will probably tower over her and look like some sort of giant, I have heard she is tiny. So, whilst this is all going on in the background, I managed to find some time to actually see her latest flick “I don\’t know how she does it”, a title which befits this lovely lady.

When I walked in, she immediately stood up, shook my hand and said “Hi, I\’m Sarah Jessica.” I was thinking ‘yeah… yeah… I know!!! Eeeeeek!\’. I managed to blurt out my name and tell her that she was every girl\’s idol. SJP blushed, that\’s right, blushed and said “Oh that\’s nice of you, thank you.” There she sat, absolutely glowing and looking every bit as glamorous as she does onscreen. She was gracious, kind and incredibly thankful for the many compliments I gushed at her, but I did manage to ask a few questions about her latest film:

Monique: We have loved you since Girls just want to have fun, to Carrie Bradshaw and of course, now such an amazing film I don\’t know how she does it. You make such wonderful choices in film and what particularly attracted you to this role?

SJP: I think just the story. The fact that she was definitely familiar to me but, more importantly that she was going to be a character that millions and millions of other women could relate to, it was their story. It struck me that this woman was not the typical centrepiece of a movie that this was a story that should be told, she deserved her moment in cinema. I couldn\’t believe that they were going to make this movie and that I was going to be a part of it and I loved her immediately. And I could then understand why people had fallen in love with the book, it made sense to me.

Monique: Poor Kate misses out on one of those very important firsts, her son\’s first haircut. I am sure you have many milestones and firsts with your children, are there any that stand out?

SJP: I remember everything. I remember James Wilke\’s first haircut. I remember him losing his first tooth. You know his first steps. Same with the girls, I mean the girls have not had their first haircut yet.

Monique: Oh, so that is still to come?

SJP: I\’m not gonna cut their hair period! So I don\’t know.

Monique: They\’re going to have long hair like you?

SJP: Never gonna cut their hair. (she says with determination)

Monique: Got it. And do you document, keep a record for the future for them?

SJP: I\’m less good about it as I was with the first child (she says out of the corner of her mouth with a look of guilt) But there\’s a lot of documentation in our house of our children. We do keep a relatively well documented thing of when they walked and when they spoke and stuff.

Monique: You work with some amazing men in this film and I heard you have fun at the bowling alley?

SJP: OH Yeah! Well, we had fun all the time. That wasn\’t uniquely fun, the whole thing was really, I mean it was hard work and challenging, but we did laugh all day long at the bowling. I don\’t know, Pierce was in an hilarious mood, I mean I love being around him so much. He\’s so sweet but he was very, very funny at bowling.

Monique: And how are your bowling skills?

SJP: I\’m not such a great bowler, but I really enjoy it.

Monique: That\’s the main thing!

SJP: Yeah, I really enjoy it.

Monique: And you also worked with two lovely ladies as well.

SJP: Yeah, yeah.

Monique: I loved the character Momo, she just cracks me up.

SJP: She\’s great, really great!

Monique: Everything changed for her when she became a mum.

SJP: “Why didn\’t you tell me?” ( A quote from the film)

Monique: Exactly! Did that happen to you?

SJP: Yeah, I think with one, it\’s not as radical a change as three. I think moving from one to three.

Monique: So like Bang! (clapping hands in the air)

SJP: Yeah. Bang! It was much more earth shattering. Changed our lives in ways we could never have known until it happened and we all have found our way, but that was stunning. ‘Cause really, your life is over. In a lot of ways, there is no theatre date or making a date with friends.

Monique: And how are you enjoying Australia?

SJP: I love it so far. We have been working primarily. Yesterday though, we went to the Healesville Sanctuary which was great. Have you ever been there?

Monique: No, I haven\’t.

SJP: Oh you\’re not from Melbourne? Oh it was amazing, we saw all the little Joeys and..

Monique: Did you touch them?

SJP: Yes, we did and there was a brand new little baby Koala named Mabel who has been at the Sanctuary about 10 days, they think she\’s about 8 weeks old and the head guy there was very kind. We spent time with Ian and Amy at the children\’s hospital, it was amazing. So, that was our first free half day… but Friday we are going to get out and look around.

Monique: Get out and party.

SJP: I wouldn\’t say we\’re going to party, but we\’re definitely going to try and have some great experiences.

Monique: It was so lovely to meet you.

SJP: Thank you so much and please tell all your colleagues hello.

Monique: Will do!

And with that, she stood up and shook my hand again and thanked me. Her minders guided her to her next photo shoot, unfortunately without me! She was so sweet and responded to the request, popped her shoes that she had kicked off during the interview on – killer heels of course with delicate little leaves on them. And with that, in a stunning aqua maxi dress, she picked up her tiny plate of fruit and walked towards the next room. She accidently dropped a fork and about five of us tried to pick it up for her, however, she insisted she could do it herself. Which of course she can… but I found myself just falling about all around her, a mess really! And with that, this graceful little butterfly left the room and I stood there in awe. I looked at the sound guys and whispered – “She is sooooo nice”. One of them answered. “Seriously, she is the best. One of the best!”

So it isn\’t just us gals that are all a twitter about her, she has the guys as well. What a gracious, gorgeous human being, inside and out! We heart you SJP!

In case you missed it, you can check out SJP\’s press conference, her Oaks Day Ladies Luncheon, our film review and the red carpet launch.

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  1. Sassi Sam says:

    So glad you enjoyed the interview … she seems just so down-to-earth 🙂

  2. She is amazing! I am abig fan of her, after watching sex and the city..but after reading this, I love her even more..

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