We Chat with Rachel Zoe at Westfield’s Style Stream Runway Launch

| 16 November , 2011 | Reply

Elise Phillips, Stuff That I Bought

How does one dress when one knows they will have the pleasure of (electronically) meeting Rachel Zoe? And how does one dress when they will be e-meeting Rachel Zoe and the mercury is hovering just below 40 degrees celcius. This was the dilemma I faced when on assignment for Sassi Sam.

Rachel was being beamed directly into a press conference in Sydney and to viewers on westfield.com.au to launch Westfield StyleStream. Westfield StyleStream is an online application that gives fashionistas the chance to style an outfit from head to toe using more than 1,000 products on the Westfield website. Once you style your outfit, you can submit your look to be reviewed by Rachel Zoe and the Westfield style team. The best looks will appear live in a world-first shopper generated runway show. The live StyleStream runway shows started last night, with the very first look down the runway was styled by Rachel herself. The event runs for three days: November 14 7PM to 11PM EST, November 15 12PM to 4PM EST and November 16 12PM to 4PM EST.

This is a pretty neat idea – imagine telling all your facebook friends that a look you styled is about to walk down the runway on a real live model, and they can log on from anywhere in the world to watch it (or level 5 at Westfield Sydney City, if they happen to be local). You pick the trend, the model, the look, and even the model walk (options are pony, fierce, sassy strut and of course, blue steel). Better yet, the winner that Rachel picks will be flown to LA to be styled by Team Zoe.

In case you were wondering what Rachel was like, she was lovely. She told us that the biggest mistake you can make when self-styling is trying to wear too many trends at once or picking a trend that doesn\’t suit you. She also talked about how her son Skylar goes everywhere with her, and how she would love to style Johnny Depp (wouldn\’t we all). As for your intrepid reporter, I asked Rachel for her best styling tips for coping with the heat – she recommends sandals (check), light, loose fabric (check), minimal makeup to avoid a slippery mess (check) and a loose top knot (check). She also mentioned that her go-to hairstyle over the recent LA summer was a fishtail braid. I better start practicing my braiding skills.

So don’t forget you’ve only got today (November 16th) between 12pm and 4pm to get your style down the runway for a chance to win a trip to LA and be styled by Zoe … quick!


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